Sunday 6th September – Bunnings

Coronavirus Lockdown Day 168

1,131 cases: 2 new (both close contacts of known cases), 25 active.


Bronwen and I drove to Bunnings to see if we could buy parts to fix the leaking toilet—which we could not. We ended up buying enough parts that we can hopefully adapt the input valve we bought from Paddington Hardware so that it will fit.

Monday 7th September – Lunch with my Sister

Coronavirus Lockdown Day 169

1,133 cases: 2 new (both contacts of known cases and in quarantine), 27 active.

Lunch with my sister

Bronwen and I drove into town and picked my sister (who is flying home tomorrow, having been down here for some surgery) up from the Meriton Suites where she was staying, and then drove back out to Mt Gravatt  and had lunch at The LoveWell Project Café up at the Mt Gravatt outlook.

After lunch I dropped Bronwen home and my sister back to her hotel.


I worked from home.

Tuesday 8th September – Home

Coronavirus Lockdown Day 170

1,134 cases: 1 new (returned traveller, already in quarantine), 25 active.


Bronwen and I worked from home.

Wednesday 9th September – Shopping

Coronavirus Lockdown Day 171

1,143 cases: 8 new (5 related to the QLD Correctional Services Academy—members of the same household and were already in quarantine when diagnosed; the remaining 3 related to the Ipswich Hospital cluster, 2 of which are health care workers who were already in quarantine and the third is one of their children), 29 active.


I went grocery shopping.

Mt Gravatt

Bronwen and I went for a walk up Mt Gravatt at night.

Thursday 10th September – Bunnings

Coronavirus Lockdown Day 172

1,143 cases: 0 new, 27 active. More than 1 million covid tests have now been conducted in QLD.


Bronwen and I popped down to Bunnings to look at some plumbing things—still pondering how to fix the kitchen sink.