Cedar Creek Falls | Sun 26th Apr 2020 — Ned Martin’s Dot Org

Sunday 26th April – Cedar Creek

Coronavirus Lockdown Day 35

1,030 cases (98 active): 3 new cases. The COVIDSafe tracing app is released. UK passes 20,000 deaths, the fifth country to do so after France, US, Italy and Spain.

Cedar Creek

I slept in, having stayed up very late last night. When I eventually woke up, I drove over to Bronwen’s parents’ place to get Bronwen. We decided to drive to Cedar Creek (the northern one) for a walk/swim, via Enoggera Reservoir to see if it was busy or not. On the way to Enoggera Reservoir we had an undercover police motorbike (I didn’t even know they existed) pull over someone in front of us, and then just as we got to the entrance to Enoggera Reservoir, two marked police motorbikes arrived and began questioning the few cars parked at the closed entrance. This didn’t seem like a good time to stop, so I did a u-turn and parked in a nearby park-and-ride carpark. Shortly after the undercover police bike also arrived. A quick Google later and we discovered that Enoggera Reservoir is actually a national park—it’s part of the D’Aguilar National Park—and the entire site, including all the reservoir, is closed—presumably on the off-chance coronavirus lurks in the trees in national parks, ready to pounce on unsuspecting denizens just trying to exercise their rights to enjoy their own national park.

Having decided it was a very bad idea to hang around—but also an equally bad idea to give in to the horrible police-state paranoia sweeping the country and return home—we continued on to Cedar Creek.

It wasn’t as busy as it would normally have been and we were able to easily get a car park—but it was still fairly busy. We walked up the road, past all the “private property”, “no trespassing”, “do not enter”, “closed due to coronavirus”, and so forth, signs and on to the waterfall. By the time we got there, there were only a handful of people left, and it was too cold to go in the water.

Bronwen found a log to hang off, I took some photos, and then Wallace the Drone—who has been very sad locked away in his box—finally got to go for a flight, and I found out that I can’t fly higher than 3.5 metres without a GPS lock, which is a bit of a problem when I’m in a canyon and need to fly higher than that to get a GPS lock. Eventually, for reasons not understood, I was able to fly high enough to get a GPS lock and managed to take some photos. I guess I need to read the manual. We then walked back down the creek, and drove home via a random Coles for some groceries, and a service station to buy the cheapest fuel I’ve seen in well over a decade.

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