Sunday 17th April – Slacklining & Acro at New Farm Park


Bronwen and I drove to New Farm, where I took some photos of some people kicking a ball and some other people jumping on a string and some other people standing on other people’s heads, while Bronwen practiced being upside down.

A man kicks a ballA man falls on his headAnother man falls on his headMen can’t find the ball because it is behind themMen find the ball behind themA man jumps very high on a stringPeople in the park are crazyA man leans on a stickA man holds a womanA man shows them how it’s doneA woman does itThe man shows them some moreThe woman does it againAnother man does itMen everywhere are doing itSome men can even do it properlyThe man does another thingThe woman does something else insteadA man holds a stick & a woman reads a bookA man stands on a womanA man leans on some sticksA woman flees from two menA woman does the splits above two menA woman hanging around in the parkA woman falls from space & is caught by some menAnother woman falls from space & is also caughtA woman uses some men to see over thingsA woman laughs at her footPeople throw people at peopleA woman terrifies some men