Saturday 14th May – Acro Yoga at Davies Park Markets

Take Action for Affordable Housing and Sustainable Development

I got up horribly early and dropped Bronwen off at Pro Ride Honda to do her motorbike training. I then drove into West End and went to Jo’s “Take Action for Affordable Housing and Sustainable Development” rally. The developers of the Absoe site which the rally was targeting had shut down works for the day so the rally had become more symbolic than meaningful, but they marched from a nearby park down to the building site nonetheless.

Acro Yoga at Davies Park Markets

After Bronwen had finished her motorbike training I drove and got her and we drove back in to West End and went to acro yoga at the Davies Park markets. Unfortunately we had to leave to get to Sizzler before four shortly after Dom arrived and started doing some cool three-person-high things.

Bronwen kicking a girlBronwen & a very complicated secret handshakeDom trying to tear Sophia apartAcro in Davies ParkAcro in Davies ParkAcro in Davies ParkYogi BronwenBuilding a monsterThe monster is surprisingly happyThe monster prays for cookiesThe monster is not very scaryDom’s special midget-curing techniqueThis midget has been stretched into a normal-sized personBronwen riding side-saddle


I ate far too much at Sizzler, and then spent the rest of the afternoon at home recovering.

Sunday 15th May – New Farm Slacklining & Acro

New Farm Slacklining & Acro

I again drove Bronwen to her motorbike training. Then, after she’d finished, we drove into New Farm Park—where there was, despite the name, absolutely no parking. I made the mistake of driving into the one-way loop around the park, where we got stuck for half an hour. We eventually found parking up a side street, and I rushed to buy chips. The chips were delicious.

I spent the afternoon taking photos of people not dying despite their best efforts, and Bronwen bounced on a string and stood on people.

Dom gives terrible (& terrifying) piggy-back ridesA girl having her batteries changedEveryone has gone crazy!Emma surveys her kingdomIt is apparently very funnyReal men slackline without mats, or slacklines Becoming one with the stringThe obligatory slackliner falling on his head photoEveryone is surprised when a girl shoots suddenly into the skyStraight up, never to be seen again!Another girl is snatched from her friendsYet another sudden abduction, right in front of everyone’s eyes!Search parties immediately set out to find the abducted girlsBronwen takes a man for a walkDom only just manages to save Daniela from being abductedErica has her batteries changedDom gets a head massageWebb inspects his bird’s footThis is what Dom calls “smiling”Bronwen learns to bounceAcro in New Farm ParkAcro in New Farm ParkAcro in New Farm ParkWebb’s cure for humpbacks“She just won’t stop running”Webb’s bird runs out of batteriesDom, extreme chiropractorDom with much better hairDom invents a new kind of semaphoreI think he’s trying to say “Help, my head is missing”“Help, I can’t find it anywhere & it has my teeth in it”“Oh don’t worry, here it is”Acro in New Farm ParkAn overly complicated way to scratch your kneeAn overly complicated way to scratch your kneeDowntrodden men