Saturday 21st May – Motorbikes, Acro & Sizzler

Motorbike Training

I got up ridiculously early and dropped Bronwen off at her motorbike training. She’d been told ten people were booked in, but there turned out to be only her and one other, so she finished sooner than expected.

Acro Yoga at Davies Park

I picked Bronwen up from her motorbike training and we drove to Davies Park in West End, where we had a wander through the markets and then Bronwen went and acro-yoga-ed with the Acro Yoga people while I took some photos.

A man runs around an upside-down womanA man unaware there is a woman on himA woman reaches out to a manBronwen discusses intellectual things with a manTwo men trying to swimA man rides a womanA very suspicious photoTwo men trying to swimA Bronwen confused about which way is upA Bronwen happy upside downA woman entirely upside downA man annoyed that a woman is standing right in front of himA Bronwen the wrong way upA Bronwen quite happily the wrong way upA woman the wrong way upA Dominic holding the world upA woman crash landingA man looks at a womanA woman is quite happyA bent womanA woman holding up the worldA man weighing a womanTwo people concentratingA misunderstanding of the common threesomeA woman tries to push-start a man

Toowong Sizzler

Bronwen and I rushed to Toowong Sizzler, where we ate many salads. After we dropped past Bronwen’s parent’s place, then drove home.

Sunday 22nd May – Slackline, Acro & West End Full Moon Festival

Slackline and Acro at New Farm Park

I tried to get up early, but it didn’t really work. After I did manage to get up Bronwen and I drove to the chemist to buy things, then into West End to have a look at the VINDIE Gypsy Markets at the Rumpus Room—which turned out to be a bad idea because Paniyiri Greek Festival had shut down half the roads and filled all the carparks with chaos and Greek people.

Once we finally managed to escape the chaos of West End we drove to New Farm Park, where we met some of the Slackline and Acro people and ate chips for lunch.

The Boundary Street MarketsPainting the wall outside the Absoe SiteA man floats off into spaceA Bronwen balances and twirls simultaneouslyA man balances on a stringA woman balances on a womanA woman has her head blown off by a man’s laser eyesA woman balances on a manA woman prays she will survive this positionA Bronwen balances a manA man throws a womanA woman happy upside downA woman makes pretty patternsA woman showing offAnother woman showing offA man showing offA man levitating a hoopA woman looking for antsA woman taking a man for a walkA Bronwen praying she doesn’t fallA woman walking her dogA woman about to dieA woman who does not believe in gravityA man tossing a woman

West End Full Moon Festival

Once it got dark Bronwen and I drove to Orleigh Park, and the West End Full Moon Fire Festival. It was again quite large (though not as large as the last few times) but didn’t have as many people performing as I was expecting.