Sunday 15th April - Wabbit Season


After a sleep-in, I woke up to find Clint was up, but Maz wasn’t. Bronwen and I ate hot cross buns for breakfast, and Maz got up shortly after and we drove into town and had chips for lunch.


After lunch, we drove back to Maz’s parents’ place and took the nineteen remaining Easter Bunnies down to the dam and, without further ado, shot them. After shooting them, we exploded some--and then, to make very sure they’d learnt their lesson, we golf-clubbed one.

Twenty Friedel Easter Bunnies

A shot Easter Bunny, leaking sadly

A shot Easter Bunny

Clint & two shot Easter Bunnies

Sinister Easter Bunnies

The Massacre: Easter Bunnies are destroyed!

The Massacre: Easter Bunnies are destroyed!


After disposing of the Easter Bunnies we drove back to Brisbane, and Bronwen and I went to Halim’s Indian Taj for dinner.


I worked out how to do extremely basic video editing in Windows Live Movie Maker, and set up a youtube account, to upload some exploding bunnies.