Saturday 14th April – Pittsworth Light Painting

The moon rising in PittsworthMorning

I slept in.


Bronwen and I packed our bags and drove over to Maz’s, via the bakery for a quick breakfast for myself. Maz, Bronwen and I then drove to Kieran’s to get Clint—via the city to get some computer parts—and then out to Maz’s parents’ place at Pittsworth to go rabbit hunting.


After dinner (and some of Maz’s Mum’s birthday cake), we went outside and took some photos of the stars, and did some light painting.

Ned light painting poorly with his mobile phone Ned playing with his flash Ned playing with long exposures in the moonlight Maz’s drawing of a gunfight Maz and some sparklers Bronwen’s attempt at a UFO abducting what I believe is a cow, but was supposed to be a person