Sunday 10th May – Los Angeles

We drove from our hotel to the Science Centre, then to downtown LA, then to a Hollywood Sign viewpoint, then the Hollywood Walk of Fame, then on to Beverly Hills, stopping at Venice Beach, Los Angeles, CaliforniaBronwen getting breakfast at our hotelCity of LA. Made in India

We had a basic breakfast of cereal at our hotel then drove to the California Science Centre to have a look at the space shuttle Endeavour. When parking I hit the kerb (by what must have been about a millimetre) which marked the bumper. After admiring the space shuttle we continued on into downtown Los Angeles and went for a wander around, then drove on to the famous Hollywood Sign (which is getting hard to find, as the residents wage a war against tourists and have routes to viewpoints removed from maps and the internet), and from there onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Continuing our journey through famous landmarks we dropped past Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and then drove to Venice Beach, where we bought some chips for dinner and spent the night parked beside one of the canals.

Homeless camping on the streets of LAHomeless camping under a bridge in LADamage to the hire car after I hit a kerb

Science Centre

Bronwen with a Blackbird trainerThe Blackbird trainerAircraft in the California Science CentreBronwen touching wheels from space, off EndeavourHydrogen fuel cell from EndeavourA space toilet from EndeavourCut here for emergency rescue, Endeavour Space ShuttleChips in the heat shield of EndeavourChips in the heat shield of EndeavourChips in the heat shield of EndeavourSpace shuttle EndeavourSpace shuttle EndeavourAn engine from EndeavourSpace shuttle EndeavourSpace shuttle EndeavourSpace shuttle EndeavourSpace shuttle EndeavourBronwen puffs wind at a wallMaggots enjoy themselvesA tidal machineAircraft at the Science CentreReturn capsules at the Science CentreThe build and electronics look very aged inside earlier landing capsulesThe build and electronics look very aged inside earlier landing capsules

Downtown LA

Driving into downtown LACentral Los Angeles SchoolCathedral of Our Lady of the AngelsCathedral of Our Lady of the AngelsCathedral of Our Lady of the AngelsReserved, Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels1st Street, Los AngelesAngel’s FlightThe BroadThe Walt Disney Concert HallFilming something (an advertisement for the car I assume) on the streets of LALos Angeles City HallLos Angeles City HallAn example of one of the many confusing American road signsAnother example of confusing road signs


The famous Hollywood signLooking in the opposite direction to the Hollywood signNed at the Hollywood signBronwen at the Hollywood signPeople taking photographs at the Hollywood signHollywood Walk of FameHollywood Walk of FameHollywood Walk of FameBronwen finds her plaque on the Hollywood Walk of FameThe Church of Scientology tried to recruit usTypical America produce: Milk, contains no milk, but includes milk proteins.

Beverly Hills

Beverly HillsBeverly HillsBronwen at Beverly HillsFancy shops at Rodeo Drive, Beverly HillsRodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

Venice Beach

A canal in Venice, Los AngelesSunset over Venice BeachBronwen and the setting sun at Venice BeachNed and the setting sun at Venice BeachThe first of many tsunami hazard signsThe world’s smallest front yardThe walkway along Venice BeachThe walkway along Venice BeachDrumming on Venice BeachImpromptu break dance on Venice BeachImpromptu break dance on Venice Beach

Monday 11th May – Santa Monica & Malibu

Santa Monica & Malibu

We awoke after an ok sleep in the car beside a canal in Venice, and went for a walk down to the beach. We then drove to Santa Monica Pier, and from there on to Malibu. The beaches here have been a disappointment—they do not meet the Australian beach standard and apparently the water never warms up.

Californian surfing: much like Australia, but without the wavesA woman exercies on Venice BeachVenice Beach in the morningVenice Beach in the morningSanta Monica PierBronwen at the end of Historic Route 66, Santa Monica PierSanta Monica PierMuscle Beach, the birthplace of the physical fitness boom of the 20th centuryMalibuCalifornian beaches seem to be mostly empty, cold and windySandcastle on the beach

Big Sur

We spent the rest of the day driving along the coastline up highway one and along Big Sur, stopping to walk to a waterfall, look at many elephant seals, and to view scenic spots lots of times. It got quite cold once the sun set, and got dark just before we got to the end of the scenic route, so we drove to the next reasonably sized town (Carmel-by-the-Sea) and camped in the car there.