Saturday 3rd March – Birthday Shirts


I had a bit of a sleep-in, and then a relaxing morning. I opened my Christmas/Birthday package from Sarah—which contained some clothes, including two very cool, amusing, and very “me”, personalised shirts.

Ned with his birthday packageNed opening his packageNed - better than you since 1980

Ned - better than you since 1980

Driving in Brisbane Rain - I survived


Bronwen and I drove over to Maz’s via what used to be the kebab shop in West End, but is now a curry shop, and then to the Gateway Bridge, which we walked across and took some photos. After, we drove back to Maz’s, and then went up to Kieran’s—where Clint also was—and then to Hawken Village for dinner (Bronwen and I had kebabs, while the rest had various things with chips from A Salt & Battery), then back to Maz’s, where—after some time—muffins were.