Monday 20th July – Car Registration


Bronwen got up before me and caught the bus to work. I’m told it turned up on time. I got up later because I’m lazy, and then didn’t get to work for ages because there weren’t any buses—though just to be confusing, when a bus did finally arrive, it was on time.

I paid my car registration, which is a rip-off—but one I seem powerless to do anything about. I’m powerless to do anything about nearly everything it seems.


I drank lots of iced coffee, ate some chocolate, had subway for lunch, and then felt sick on the bus home and had to have a lie down when I got home.

Tuesday 21st July – Ant Man


Bronwen and I watched “Ant Man” at Southbank Cineplex. Not the world’s greatest movie.

Wednesday 22nd July – I lose my umbrella cover


Bronwen and I caught the bus into the city, and went to our respective workplaces. I lost my umbrella cover, bought cheap iced coffee, and had sushi for lunch.


Bronwen and I caught the bus home again. We had Dominos Pizza for dinner.

Thursday 23rd July – Home


I spent the day at home, trying to do things without being too lazy.

Friday 24th July – Shopping


I had a quiet, boring day at home.


I went shopping at the airport late at night, long after all other Woolworths were closed.

Shopping from Woolworths

Saturday 25th July – I have a day


I had a day. I’m not sure what I did in it though.

Sunday 26th July – Things

Things that happened today

Monday 27th July – Fruit Toast


I had very fat fruit toast—untoasted, of course.

Very fat rasin toast

Tuesday 28th July – Focal Length


Some “interesting” graphs I made while trying to decide whether to replace my broken Canon 17 to 55mm f/2.8 lens with another identical 17 to 55mm lens, or get the apparently amazing Sigma 18 to 35mm lens…

Do I need the range between 35 and 55mm more than I want the f/1.8 and apparently better build quality, internal focusing and zoom (so no more sucking dust inside all the time), and extra sharpness of the Sigma?

Photos by focal length, America 2015Photos by focal length, India 2014Photos by focal length, 2015 (so far)Photos by focal length, 2014Photos by focal length, 2013Photos by focal length, 2012

For comparison, when I first got my camera in 2006 and only had a 17 to 85mm lens and a 50mm lens:

Photos by focal length, 2006


I drove into South Bank, met Bronwen at Kangaroo Point Cliffs, had a look at the Night Noodle Markets, then had curry in West End.

Night Noodle Markets

Wednesday 29th July – Pizza


I stayed at home.


Pizza for dinner.

Thursday 30th July – The Dentist


I went to the dentist. See the horrible thing that happened next week for more information.


Bronwen stayed at her parent’s place. I stayed up late editing photos from America.