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Saturday 22nd September – West End Block Party & The Sit Down Comedy Club

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I had a quiet morning. Bronwen is working in town over the weekend.


I drove to West End and wandered around the “West End Block Party” for a while, before driving in to town to pick up Bronwen.


Running late, Bronwen and I rushed out to the Alexandra Hills hotel, where we watched some stand-up comedy from the Sit Down Comedy Club.

Sunday 23rd September – Byron Bay & Nimbin

Ned, most Easterly point of the Australian Mainland Byron Bay The boys discovering they can mount their camera… …and take photos of Swedes… …and themselves! Byron Bay Byron Bay Lighthouse Nimbin Nimbin Nimbin Nimbin Nimbin Nimbin Nimbin Nimbin Nimbin Nimbin Nimbin Nimbin Nimbin Uzi, on the drive home from Nimbin On the drive home from Nimbin Ian, on the drive home from Nimbin On the drive home from Nimbin


I got up nice and early and Bronwen and I drove over to Maz’s place. From there, Maz and I drove to the Gold Coast, dropping Bronwen off in the city. We met Uzi—and after a short wait, Ian and Chris—on their bikes at the Gold Coast, and drove South after them, eventually arriving at Byron Bay. We went for a walk to the “Eastern Most Point on the Australian Mainland”, which was very, very hot. After sweating a lot, we continued on to Nimbin, where we stopped for lunch. The road to Nimbin was “challenging”—with potholes, uneven surfaces, and lots of bends. Fortunately though, no one died.


After lunch we continued on back to the Gold Coast, along a winding mountain road, and eventually back to Brisbane and Maz’s place.

Start time: 09/23/2012 09:52 Finish time: 09/23/2012 19:15 Distance: 430.4 km (06:20) Moving time: 05:22 Average speed: 67.8 km/h Avg. Speed Mov.: 80.1 km/h Max. Speed: 154.6 km/h Minimum altitude: -17 m Maximum altitude: 286 m Rise speed: 1670.2 m/h Fall speed: -1563.6 m/h Elevation gain: 2488 m Elevation loss: -2546 m Rise time: 01:29 Fall time: 01:37 Download KML/KMZ (Google Earth)


I drove and got Bronwen, and we had Halim’s curry for dinner with Maz and Ngoc.