Saturday 10th December – Bike Hunting & The Lunar Eclipse


Lunar EclipseI had a haircut, and now look even more fantastic than I usually do. I suspect if I had two haircuts in one day, I’d become a movie star. After the haircut, Bronwen and I drove to Lifecycle, and then Epic Cycles, to look at bikes—sadly, finding the one we’d tentatively decided on wasn’t available in my size, and finding that there are many… very, very many.


Bronwen and I drove into town and had dinner at Halim’s with Kieran and Daniel. After, we dropped past Bronwen’s parents’ place, then went home to research bikes some more.

Late Night

Ned’s camera set up to take photos of the lunar eclipse, while hiding from the rainThere was a lunar eclipse, but—due I presume to an oversight from above—it was cloudy and barely visible. I managed to sneak in a few photos between the cloud and the light drizzle, by hiding my camera under a corner of the house and baying loudly at the moon.

Sunday 11th December – Bike Hunting


Bronwen and I went looking at bikes, driving to 99 Bikes in the valley, up north to Avanti Plus, then back to the city to Bike Obsession.

Monday 12th December – New Bike


Ned’s new Cannondale Quick 5 bikeI drove into town—parking at the Myer Centre for $25—and met Bronwen at Bike Obsession, where she bought me a Cannondale Quick 5 (for $399, supposedly reduced from $750, due to being last years’ model) for my birthday.


Ned & his new Cannondale Quick 5 bikeI drove home, then caught the bus back in to town, meeting Bronwen at her work, picking up my bike, and going for a ride around the city and South Bank while Bronwen and Maz—with his new, larger-wheeled, and so far not broken, rollerblades—rollerbladed. Afterwards Bronwen and I rode home—Bronwen only falling off once (after managing to ride, quite literally, into my pocket), and me not at all! Sadly, we did not see Alfred the turtle, though we did find where we think she’s buried her eggs.

Tuesday 13th December – Riding Lost


After driving home from work I rode into town to meet Bronwen—except I got lost and ended up riding for ages through back roads trying to find the city (it’s much easier in a car), missing Bronwen in the process, but eventually arriving at Kangaroo Point to find she wasn’t there, and then riding home again.

Wednesday 14th December – Falling Over & The Mechanic


Damaged corner of laptop after falling over carrying itEvening

I fell over on the way out of work… damaging the corner of my laptop, and my hand a little.


I drove car to David’s, leaving my car there for him to service. Bronwen drove out in the Corolla and picked me up. We drove back to her parents’ place and had dinner. After dinner, and me driving home (all lonely, Bronwen having stayed at her parents’), I packed my old camera to post to Sarah, and went to bed.

Thursday 15th December – Halim’s & The Post Office


I drove the Corolla to work as my car is still at David’s being fixed. At lunch I managed to find the Stones Corner post office and posted my old camera and a lens and a few bits and pieces up to Sarah, then went to Subway for lunch.


Dinner at Halim’s with Bronwen, Maz, Kieran.

Friday 16th December – Govinda’s


I worked, eating lunch at Govinda’s with Gavan.


I drove home from work, and then Bronwen and I drove out to David’s to get my car.