Monday 7th November – Canon EOS 7D


My new Canon EOS 7D arrived at work with FedEx.


After a busy day at work I drove home and played with my camera, before driving into the city and getting Maz, Bronwen and some petrol, then on to Hungry Jack’s for dinner, KFC’s for Maz, Maz’s place to eat it, Bronwen’s parents’ place to drop off Bronwen, and back home to sleep.

Tuesday 8th November – Pizza


Bronwen stayed with parents. I stayed up late. Pizza for dinner. Played with camera.

Wednesday 9th November – Pasta


Dropped lens off to Bronwen in city who took it to lens repair man.


Pasta for dinner.

Thursday 10th November – House Cladding


I worked. Silas called.


Bronwen and I drove to Bunnings looking for Tyvek, but no one there had heard of it, so we ended up with generic house cladding instead. We’re trying to find something light and strong for a footprint or groundsheet for under a tent for the weekend trip to Moreton Island.

Friday 11th November – Govinda’s



Govinda’s for dinner. Bronwen’s parents’ for backpack for Maz. Maz’s work to drop it off.