Spring Hill Alive Festival

Spring Hill Alive Festival

Monday 29th September
Japanese Stories


I caught the bus from Bronwen’s parents’ place into work. Bronwen drove to her work, and picked her parents up from the airport around lunchtime.


Bronwen and I had dinner at her parents’ place, and listened to tales from their Japan trip.

Tuesday 30th September
Cans of Soup


I caught the bus to work.


I caught the bus home again. I went to Woolworths and bought lots of cans of soup before their “two for $4” deal ran out, and Bronwen and I had Dominos Pizza for dinner. It wasn’t very good.

Wednesday 1st October


Bronwen and I drove to work. I had Grill’d for lunch.


Bronwen spent the night at her parents’ place, while I procrastinated at home and didn’t get anything useful done.

Thursday 2nd October


I drove to work, dropping Bronwen off on the way.

Work told me that tomorrow would be the last day they need me, which is unfortunate as it is convenient being paid, and I don’t like looking for work.


I drove home, via Bronwen’s parents’ place to get Bronwen.

Friday 3rd October
Last Day at Work


Today was my last day at work. I worked as usual, finishing up the loose ends on the project I had been working on.

Saturday 4th October
Spring Hill Alive Festival


Bronwen and I drove to Sizzler for a late breakfast/lunch. Once we’d eaten too much we drove to Spring Hill, where we wandered down a back street into the Spring Hill Alive Festival. It looked like they’d gone to a lot of effort to set everything up and were ready to handle big crowds, but there weren’t many people there. I bumped into Laura, who I had worked with at Woodford, and had a chat, then we walked to the end of the festival and out the gate, before realising (when we tried to go back in the gate and were stopped) that it’s actually a paid festival—which explains why not many people were there. This was very annoying as we had to walk all the way around the block to get back to the side street which let us in for free.


After wandering around the Spring Hill Alive Festival and realising there wasn’t anything to do there we went for a walk through Queen Street Mall, then drove up to Bronwen’s parents’ place and spent the evening there.


We drove back down to the Spring Hill Alive Festival after it got dark to see if it had livened up, and also because I wanted to see Sampology play—but sadly, he wasn’t doing his AV set, and it was even less busy if anything, so it’s been a bit of a failure for them I suspect.

Delicious Sizzler salad

Spring Hill Alive Festival from outside the front gate

A terrorist rubbish bin lurking suspiciously outside the gate

Spring Hill Alive Festival from the other end

A side street leading onto Spring Hill Alive Festival

The Spring Hill Baths

Bronwen in Queen Street Mall

Spring Hill Alive Festival at night

Sampology playing a set at Spring Hill Alive Festival

Bronwen dancing to Sampology at Spring Hill Alive Festival

A movie showing inside the Spring Hill Baths

Bronwen feeling important at Spring Hill Alive Festival