Monday 28th July – Minestrone Soup


I drove into work, parking at New Farm. For lunch I walked to Govinda’s, meeting Bronwen there. Govinda’s in the city seems quite bland after Stones Corner Govinda’s.


After work I drove to Bronwen’s parents’ place, where I met Bronwen, and we had a delicious minestrone soup for dinner.

Tuesday 29th July – Expired Salad


I caught the bus to work, and I wasn’t even late leaving home—not only did I walk at a normal speed to the bus stop, but I even had to wait for the bus! For lunch, I had sushi. James was away sick, and it was Nicole’s last day.


I caught the bus home again, and Bronwen and I ate expired salad for dinner. I suspect I’ll die.

Wednesday 30th July – Pizza


I caught the bus to work. I had sushi for lunch. That is all.


I caught the bus home again. I forgot to get off at my stop. I had to walk further. I had pizza for dinner, and watched Harry Potter.

Pizza for dinner!

Thursday 31st July – Vegetable Laksa


I caught the bus to work, and had a vegetable laksa for lunch.

Friday 1st August – Parking Problems


I got up late, and drove to work. Because I was late I decided to try to find paid parking near work. This went badly, because there wasn’t any. I ended up parking in unpaid (and hence two hour) parking rather far from work, and arrived at work late. I then had to go and move my car two hours later, and there still wasn’t any paid parking. Fortunately just as I was about to give up someone pulled out (ironically a few spots from where I had originally parked, but far enough that it was paid nine hour parking) so I managed to pay $8.40 for parking for the rest of the day and rushed to Subway where I had a quick lunch, and all up it only took around an hour, like normal lunch would have.

Saturday 2nd August – Hawken Village Street Festival


Bronwen arrived home from her morning ride sometime early in the afternoon, and we rushed down to Photo Continental minutes before they shut (they close at two o’clock) and bought a “Black Rapid FastenR Tripod” for $22 (it lets me connect my Black Rapid camera strap to my Manfrotto tripod plate, so I don’t have to swap them over every time I want to use the tripod. It’s rather expensive considering the entire Black Rapid strap it’s for cost a bit over double that.)

Bronwen with fairy floss at the Hawken Village Street Festival

Hawken Village Street Festival

Hawken Village Street Festival

Crazy uni students

More crazy uni students

Bronwen eating at Chez Tessa

Men playing hand-egg

Synchronised running championships

After Photo Continental we bought petrol and drove to St Lucia, which was having a Hawken Village Street Festival. We had lunch from Chez Tessa for old time’s sake, though it’s no longer especially cheap. On the way out, we stopped and watched some hand-egg (known as AFL, apparently). The Magpies lost and UQ won.

We then drove to South Bank (via Kmart to drop off my $5 shoes, which lasted less than one day of sitting in an office), parked under the Cineplex Cinemas, bought tickets for “3D Guardians Of The Galaxy”, and walked around South Bank freezing because I’d not brought a warm top and the movie wasn’t for another two hours. We ended up buying some chips from Cosmos Café, which warmed me up for a little bit.

My $5 Kmart shoe

A wooden keyboard and mouse

The movie was sold out and very busy—we turned up twenty minutes before it started, thinking that would give us plenty of time, but already there was a  huge queue. Fortunately, no one ever wants to sit right down the front, and we always sit in the second front row, so we managed to get our ideal seats quite easily. The movie itself was as silly as expected, but still entertaining.

Sunday 3rd August – Fort Lytton


Bronwen and I drove to Woolies, where we bought some dips and corn chips, and then rushed out to Fort Lytton—arriving just as they fired the small cannons, and a mere minute or so before they fired the large cannon. As usual, I managed to take a photo at the start of it firing, and another just after the big bang—but not one right in the middle… They were firing them again at two o’clock, so we stayed for an hour and had a picnic.

Cannon firing at Fort Lytton

Cannon firing at Fort Lytton

Putting out fires at Fort Lytton

David acting all heroic

Fort Lytton

Bronwen at Fort Lytton

Bronwen with our picnic, Fort Lytton

Cannon firing, Fort Lytton

On the way home we dropped into Bunnings and bought some plant food, which we fed to the plants back home. I then spent the evening hurting my hands trimming the hedge while Bronwen pruned a tree out the back.


I ate pasta and wished my hands didn’t hurt.