Monday 21st February – Big Storm


I took the old way—the way you’d normally take, except that the first two times I took it, it was so slow that every time since I’ve gone another way—to work, and it was much quicker.


Bronwen and I parked in the city and went to Govinda’s for dinner. Cranes in South Brisbane, seen from The Goodwill BridgeJust as we were finishing our dinner, it began to storm—seriously storm. Sirens sounded and Govinda’s flooded—water poured in the doors and began to pool all over the floor—so we walked across the road to the Myer Centre. The sun setting over WivenhoeAnd by “walked”, I mean “attempted to run through rushing water that rushed halfway up our weak, humanoid legs”, but unfortunately sirens sounded and they shut down the Myer Centre and we had to hang out in the mall where—on a normal day—there would be emos and goths and various other better-off-dead layabouts laying about. The wind was intense, the rain furious, and the lightning both awe inspiring and ferocious.

Tuesday 22nd February – The Anger


Who cares.


I am angry. Nay, furious. Silently filled with rage. But why, you wonder? Well, shut up for a moment, and I’ll tell you. The sun setting over WivenhoeI left work to drive to Maz’s aunt’s place, to help Maz move to his new place. So far so good. However, rather than think it through and work out how to get there, I just assumed the GPS in my phone would work, the same as it usually does… but of course, that’s stupid. It locked onto three satellites, said I was travelling at several thousand kilometres an hour, and shut down. A very blue sky through the trees at a lookout along the Mount Nebo RoadI fought it, I ran tools, I cleared caches, I restarted it—all quite hard, and possibly a little dangerous, to do while driving through peak-hour traffic. Unfortunately, by this time I was at a crossroads, both metaphorically and literally, so I took the way I knew would get me there, even if the traffic was bad, and gave up on sat-nav. Unfortunately, not being familiar with the route, I was in the wrong lane and missed the turn-off.A lovely Bronwen & an insane-looking Ned at a lookout along the Mount Nebo Road I took the next right, which got me quite lost—there did not appear to be any possible way to get back to the previous road, and it wasn’t possible to turn around and turn back into the road I had come from. At a loss, and too lazy to get out a refidex, I pulled over, pulled out the stylus on my phone, and dropped it down the side of my seat, where I couldn’t find it. This, combined with the fact that it had taken nearly an hour to get to where I was, and I had no realistic way of getting anywhere useful, and mu stupid phone was failing me yet again, made me a little annoyed.

Anyway, it gets boring after that. I then fixed it, and drove a different way to Maz’s aunt’s place.


I waited at Maz’s place for a while, until Maz and Ian turned up, in Ian’s car, with a trailer.There actually is an official Goat Track! We took two trailer-loads of stuff, tied down with several kilometres of the world’s cheapest, most twisted and tangled rope I had bought from Bunning’s, to Maz’s new place, hurting our assorted fingers carrying heavy things up the stairs and dropping a large fridge in the process. Bronwen ordered pizza for me in between the trips, and I rushed to the pizza place after the second trailer-load, getting there just before they closed and driving up to Bronwen’s parents’ place where I ate pizza with Bronwen, before driving back to Maz’s aunts’ place, picking up a phone and a UPS to power the phone (there’s no power there), and driving back.


Maz and I went for a little walk around his new place, getting a slurpee from Nightowl, before I drove home and went to bed.

Wednesday 23rd February – Nachos & Laptop Repair


The Dell man came and replaced the charger, the top of the body part, the around the screen part, and the back of the screen part, of my laptop.Brisbane & her river It’s all shiny and covered in that pull-off plastic that new things come in again now. Bronwen & Maz, photographingWhen he took the screen apart he found that it had never had its screws put in—which would explain why it always felt bendy and floppy and cheap to me—it turns out it’s actually got a metal alloy back, and is quite firm and expensive feeling, when it has its screws in. It even has a new smell again!


Bronwen and I did a little work around the house then drove down to Woolworths, bought nachos ingredients, and after Bronwen made them for me, ate nachos. Very yummy too!

Thursday 24th February – Little Singapore


It was daylight. The sun rose. I drove to work.


Bronwen and I drove to Sunnybank, and went to Little Singapore, which is much closer than actual Singapore, and where we ate a lot.

Friday 25th February – Quiet


I had a quiet day at work, eating pizza for lunch.


I had a quiet night at home, picking Bronwen up from her drinks with workmates in the city around eleven.

Saturday 26th February – Forgotten

According to Facebook, I had lunch today. However, that is all I can remember.

Sunday 27th February – Country Driving


A map of our country drive

Bronwen and I drove to the north side, then to Maz’s, and then on a winding afternoon drive through Mount Nebo, Mount Glorious, and Lake Wivenhoe. There was some quite nice rainforest.