Monday 14th February - Stir Fry

Bronwen playing with her new camera on Stradbroke IslandDay

Drove Bronwen to city, self to work. Worked.


Drove self home. Walked to Woolworths. Bought items of eating. Bronwen stirred while frying. Both ate stir-fry. In unrelated news, I feel slightly unwell, and have all day.

Tuesday 15th February - Dominos


Bronwen playing with her new camera on Stradbroke IslandTraffic, emboldened by the recent uprising in Egypt, crawled to a snarl, and refused to speed up. I did, however, manage to drop Bronwen in the city and get to work on time.


I drove home via Cloud 9, where my ex-flatmate Anna is staying, and dropped off her mail. Traffic was shocking.


I drove back to the northside to get Bronwen from her parents’, dropped past my old place - which strangely has a car parked in my old garage, poking out slightly with the garage door pulled down on top of it, and a van backed up to one of the other garages, and the front door wide open... I can’t think of a particularly logical reason - and continued on to Dominos, where we picked up our pizza, drove home, and ate it.

Wednesday 16th, Thursday 17th February

Sadly, I did not write anything.

Friday 18th February - Danny Deckchair

Bronwen sunburnt, Ned also sunburntDay

Another normal day at work.


Bronwen and I watched “Danny Deckchair” on Bronwen’s media centre, while I grumbled about us not going out to dinner, and had ice cream, custard and cream for dinner in protest.

Saturday 19th February - Stradbroke

Crazy Early

Bronwen and I got up crazy early and drove to Cleveland to catch the fast boat over to Stradbroke Island,Ned & Bronwen eating lunch at Stradbroke Island only just getting there in time, and meeting Bronwen’s Dad and two of his friends there. They’d ridden from the city.


Bronwen’s Mum met us on Stradbroke and drove us to a cafe at Point Lookout, where we waited for the men, who were riding, then had breakfast.


Bronwen and went for a swim, had chips for lunch, and wandered around the scenic beaches trying not to get sunstroke.


I caught the cat back to the mainland. The tide was so low that the boat couldn’t get to its normal moorings, so gave us a scenic tour of the millions of dollars of yachts moored in the Cleveland area, and dropped us off at the Cleveland train station instead.


I had a quiet night at home.

Sunday 20th February - Natalie


I awoke with a sore neck, had breakfast, and spent the morning updating my journal and trying not to overheat by accidentally thinking or moving too fast. It is rather hot.


I drove down to Sunnybank to see Natalie - an old friend from the Rossville days I’ve not seen for quite some time. We got lunch and went for a swim at a friend’s place.