Monday, First November


Normal work day. Felt tired.


Bronwen dropped past on her way home from work, and I drove her up to her parents’ place, then on to Maz’s, and on to Chez Tessa, where Maz and I had a not very nice dinner, before heading back to Maz’s place to do some geeky stuff.


I stayed up far too late at Maz’s.

Tuesday, Second November


I worked. We, along with the rest of Australia, had a Melbourne Cup sweepstakes. My horse won.


I picked Bronwen up on the way home, and we bought pizza and dropped past Woolworths to do some shopping. Sadly, while both the pizzas were the right sort, neither had the right ingredients on them, and both tasted unpleasant to me, so I did not have an especially fantastic dinner. After dinner we watched "Moon".

Half Past Nine

I am not sure precisely what time it was, but we will say half past nine - it would have been close. Bronwen and I had been sitting quietly, eating pizza, and watching "Moon" - which is not a very good movie as it turns out, but that is beside the point - when suddenly some guy knocked very loudly and angrily on the door. I went and opened it, and a young drunken lout asked for Amy, introducing himself as Amy’s boyfriend, and when I told him Amy was not home, asked if I was her flatmate, then left, swearing and calling Amy to find out where she was. At the time I figured he was angry at Amy...

Ten PM

Blaise & Amy & Amy’s drunken boyfriend being questioned by policeOnce again I am not entirely sure of the time, but a short while after our friend the moronic drunken boyfriend had tried breaking the door down with his knocking, he literally began to try breaking the door down - but I am getting ahead of myself. First, Amy and Blaise turned up - though at the time I was not aware that Amy had arrived. I could hear Blaise talking, and realised she was coming up the steps. I had had some issues with her in the past - basically she had not paid rent for several weeks and then left - and after receiving some physical threats from her and some of her "boyfriends", I had explicitly prohibited her - in writing no less - from coming to my house, so I got up to open the door and tell her she was not welcome, when the door opened, and there was Blaise, in all her scary-fake-blonde ghoul-eye-shadow insanity. Apparently Blaise had a key. I told her to leave, and closed and locked the door, thus preventing her from opening it.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, Amy’s boyfriend was not only drunk, but also very stupid, angry, and violent - and together with Blaise’s Neanderthal intellect, the best they could come up with was to smash on the door and threaten to kill me if I did not open it. Apparently they knew a lot of "Serbs", who they were calling to come help them. Their logic - for want of a better word - was a bit flawed, because for some reason, threatening to kill me if I did not open the door did not make me think opening the door was a good idea either, so after asking them to leave, and threatening to call the police, I had no choice but to call the police.

I rang the Brisbane police centre number, which was not answered, so then rang the city beat number, which was answered by a policeman who informed me that he was the only one there and as such could not help me, and gave me another number to ring, which was answered by another policeman who took some details and said he would get a squad car in the area to drop by. Quite some time passed while those outside grew more and more violent, and more and more angry. After a while they had the clever idea of going around the back and opening the back lattice door - I heard the key in the lock and rushed around to find Amy’s boyfriend just opening the door. I slammed it shut on him and bolted it, and for good measure, got my phone out and recorded his violent abuses as he threatened to, as far as I could make out through his drunken stupor, kill me and call his friend who was somehow going to do something - I am fairly sure it did not make sense, but the intent was obvious. Amy was also there, so I tried to reason with her, advising her that while she did still live here, I was unable to grant her access while I felt threatened, and that encouraging her boyfriend to break in was not the best way to get her police career off the ground. Unfortunately, she made no attempt to mitigate the situation, and as such, I believe is as guilty as the others.

Broken glass in front doorIn the midst of all this, Kara arrived, and Bronwen managed to let her in the front door while the animals were baying out the back. Once they got bored of that, they went back around to the front door, began bashing on it again, and as they got angrier and more violent, broke one of the glass panels in it. At this stage - the police still nowhere to be seen - I decided it was becoming a serious issue, and called 000, but shortly after being put through to a police dispatcher, the police from my earlier call arrived.

Once the police were on the scene, everything calmed down quite quickly. They locked the drunken moron up, kept Blaise and Amy outside, and took down everyone’s details and stories. I was advised that I am not allowed to refuse access to someone who is renting and thus has a valid reason for entry. I advised the police that I will not willingly let anyone in who is threatening me with harm, regardless of the legality of their entering, until the threat to me has been removed - in this case, by the arrival of the police. It would be interesting to know what Amy and Blaise told them, as it seems unlikely it was the truth.

After some discussion, I agreed that Amy and Blaise could enter to remove any belongings they owned, on the condition that once removed, they would have no right to enter the property ever again. The police informed me that once they had no further belongings on the property, they would have no further reason to enter the property, and that I should call the police should they attempt to do so. The police, along with Amy and Blaise, then spent a while packing and removing all Amy and Blaise’s stuff, took down some details, and left. This all took quite a lot of time, and it was well after one AM by the time it had been sorted out.

It is sad - I had fairly quickly worked out that Blaise was a horrible person, about the time she started accusing Amy of sleeping with her boyfriends, which just was not very likely to be true, and was not a nice thing for someone to say about their supposed best friend - but I had thought Amy was nicer, and it is sad to see that she is not a lot better. I can only assume she had called her boyfriend to get him to come around to provide some "muscle" in some kind of ill-conceived attempt to gain Blaise access to the property. Either that or they are all very stupid and things just went horribly wrong - I am not sure.

Looking on the bright side, at least they are out of here now. They were both horrible slobs who left food scraps and rubbish all over the place - I have never seen anyone so messy.

Late Night

After all this excitement I was quite wired and sleep did not seem like a reasonable option, so I ended up staying up quite late.


Update Fourteenth May, 2014

I was contacted, on Facebook, by Blaise, who had this to say:

"Hello Ned, I know this may come as a shock to you but I was hoping we could discuss the past situations that have occurred? I have grown up a lot now and realized my faults in that situation and I am very sorry. I know what I did was very immature and ridiculous. Nothing I say can change the past but I am hoping to make amends. My actions were of a horrible nature and I'm a foolish girl for not discussing things like a mature adult. That night I shamed myself and have learnt a lot from you. I was very young and dumb and have been through a lot of personal development of late. If I could take back that night I would but unfortunately time machines do not exist yet lol

May I ask a favour of you? I really need you to remove the photos and your journal entry of me from the internet so it cannot be found ever again as it is affecting my career and putting up a lot boundaries for me to go forward. not only that but it appears in Google searches and it needs to be removed.... you are after all a computer genius lol I don't expect you to forgive me as that is a big ask but I would like you to at least try. Glad to see Bronwen and yourself are doing great and travelling the world! Your response would mean a lot to me Ned :)"

As such, I have removed last names.