Monday 1st


I drove to Umart and swapped the faulty RAM from the evil boardroom computer I made the mistake of building for work, ran memtest without any failures, and drove to work.


It is still raining, and my eye is still sore, which is worrying.


Maz and I had curry from Halim’s, went to Woolies, and now I’m staying up too late again at Maz’s. It is still raining too.

Tuesday 2nd


I attended work. It rained a lot.


I bought Sabine and myself pizza, ice cream, fruit juice, custard, and cream.

Wednesday 3rd


I went to the doctor during my lunch hour, about my still-sore eye, and was referred to the ophthalmology department at Royal Brisbane Hospital.

Thursday 4th


I caught a bus to the ophthalmology department at Royal Brisbane, waited for quite a while, and saw the doctor there. Lots of eyes looked at my eye, measured it, prodded it, put things in it, and generally annoyed it.


After the ophthalmologist, I attempted to drive directly to work, as one would, but without much success—and instead headed towards Cairns. Unfortunately, a tropical holiday wasn’t to be had, instead I managed to find a way around the eyesore of tunnel construction and roadwork, and got to work.

Friday 5th

As far as we can tell, this day did occur, but there doesn’t seem to be any proof of that.

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