Monday 14th March – Amazon Kindle 3


Like Rory, need coffee.


Kindle: Arrived at Sort Facility BRISBANE – AUSTRALIA


Kindle: (Customs) Clearance processing complete at BRISBANE – AUSTRALIA


Made the mistake of reading the “news”. Now angry at stupid reporting: headlines are all “nuclear nightmare”, while reports of potentially over 10,000 dead… from the non-nuclear tsunami… is an actual, real nightmare, happening now.


Kindle: Delivery arranged no details expected (not sure what that means… but it’s progress right?)


Kindle given to “third party” courier (Australia Post) as DHL “too busy”, may arrive “tomorrow”.


Kindle: At Underwood Business Centre with e-Parcel/Auspost, scheduled for delivery “tomorrow”.


I eat fruit bread and complain bitterly.

Tuesday 15th March – Work Rage & The Dentist


My Kindle has arrived! I had just got to work, hadn’t even walked into the building, and I noticed a courier with a Kindle box, so took it off his hands.


Working to offset the joy of my Kindle arriving, and being every bit as cool as Bronwen’s Kindle, is today’s work rage:

I am parked here at work in an unmarked car park. It has no signs on it indicating that it’s reserved—as far as I can tell, it’s just a normal car park, the same as any other unreserved car park in the complex. That is, until the boss went out somewhere—or more specifically, got back from wherever he went—to find his car park taken, despite being clearly signed for use by our company only. A quick investigation found that his car park had been taken “in retribution” to us parking in another company’s unmarked car parks.

So I get in trouble for parking at my work, in an unmarked car park.

Then, when I go downstairs to have a look, I find that someone—and I strongly suspect it is one of the people who believe that one of the parks one of us has parked in is theirs—has parked sideways behind my, and someone else’s, cars, preventing us from being able to get out of the car park.

Heaven forbid I might have wanted to drive somewhere during lunch, or leave work early.

Or have a 5:30 dentist’s appointment I have to rush to straight after work…


I rushed to that aforementioned dentist’s appointment. Fortunately, the car blocking me in had moved by the time I needed to leave work. $420 and half an hour later, a poor little traumatised me crept out of the dentist.

Wednesday 16th March – Driving is Dangerous #1

Had to mount kerb at speed to avoid being squashed by large car-carrying trailer several cars long merging into my lane without taking any notice of me.

Thursday 17th March – Driving is Dangerous #2

Ran into the back of the car in front of me as it suddenly stopped on Coro/Expressway after an oncoming vehicle—driving at speed on the wrong side of the road, in an area where the road is divided—drove directly towards me and I had to avoid it. No damage done.

Friday 18th March – Last Day at Work


Last day at work. Had a lunch to see me off.


Went to Maz’s. Got Bronwen from her work around 7. Went back to Maz’s. Stayed late. Didn’t get to bed until around 4.

Saturday 19th March – Relaxing

Slept in until midday.

Went to Sizzlers.

Stayed up until midnight.

It rained most of the day.