Regional Flavours

Monday 14th July – Running for Work


I got up, and nearly missed the bus to work. I had to run. It’s not a good way to start the day. I had sushi for lunch.


I got off several bus stops too early, and had to walk a long way through the cold to get home.

Tuesday 15th July – Annoying buses


I caught the bus to work. Then I worked.  I had a fancy burger for lunch.


I caught the bus home. Somehow it’s much worse catching the bus home than it is to work. I’m not sure why—but annoyingly there’s no good buses leaving at the time I need to leave. It’s a big problem for me.

Wednesday 16th July – Not the best bus


I again caught the bus into work. Today, for lunch I had Subway—a foot-long veggie patty. It rained.


I had put in some time doing some research on what the best bus to catch home would be, so at exactly half past five I left work and walked as fast as I could towards the city, arriving at the bus stop just on time. Another little red man refusing to let me walk would have made the difference between missing it and catching it. According to Translink, the bus (which turned out to not be a Brisbane City bus, so was a bit more comfortable and less squashy, and also instead of being air-conditioned like a fridge, was nicely heated) left at 5:40, and arrived at Griffith Uni at 5:53, in time to connect to another bus at 5:59. However, having got on the bus on time, by 5:53 we were still in the city—nowhere near Griffith Uni. To be fair, once we got out of the city and onto the busway it was remarkably quick, but nevertheless by the time I missed my connection at 5:59 I was only halfway there. In fact, I still hadn’t arrived at Griffith Uni by the time Translink said I should have arrived home. Then, to make things worse, once I arrived—having well and truly missed my connecting bus—Translink told me that there wasn’t another connecting bus for forty four minutes.

The irony was that Translink recommended I hop back on a city-bound bus and go meet the normal later bus I would normally have caught, and catch that home. This sucked, so I walked home—through the pitch black, avoiding trees and puddles.

Thursday 17th July – Tired


I worked. Due to some unexpected client changes, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be needed here. Confusingly, despite being told that I might not have much more work, I was also asked if I know anyone else who might want some work. I’m not sure they’ve thought that one through.


I was tired, so I went to bed.

Friday 18th July – Avoiding buses


Buses suck, so I’m parking in New Farm and walking to work. I’m much less likely to get halfway there, find out the next footpath is running late, and have to sit down and cry for half an hour. Plus I left home twenty minutes late, and not only did my car not care, but I’m still going to get to work on time.

The view on the walk to work


It was incredibly windy, and the wind was icy, so I went to Kuan Yin’s and ate what I always order when I go there—sizzling something or other spaghetti. It really sizzles too, and was hot and delicious—just the thing to eat when the wind outside is howling and it’s freezing cold out of the sun.

Lunch at Kuan Yin


Bronwen was sad, so I collected her from her work and we went to her parents’ place, and had dinner there.

The view on the walk from work

Saturday 19th July – Orienteering


Bronwen and I drove over to Maz’s place to pick up Amanda’s hard drive, and then rushed to White’s Hill, where we went orienteering. Bronwen had signed us up, so of course she picked the hardest and longest course they had (Hard 3). That, combined with us being three quarters of an hour late, meant that by the time we got to the last marker… it had been collected and packed away. Of course, we didn’t know this, so we spent ages looking for it. I got quite lost on the very first marker—because I almost immediately found what I assumed must be the first marker, because it wasn’t numbered, and then wasted a while looking for the second marker, until I randomly stumbled across the correctly numbered first marker, at which point I was confused. Having not done this before, I wasn’t sure how accurate the people would be—and thought perhaps they’d screwed up and put the first marker in the second marker’s spot. It didn’t help that there was a bituminised track marked as an unsealed track on the map. Eventually, I found the second marker, and realised that the people who set this stuff up were actually very precise and accurate, and from there on it was more a matter of scratching my legs on sharp things and getting puffed than it was getting lost. A bit worryingly, I didn’t see or hear a single other person after the fourth marker, right up until I ran into Bronwen at the sixteenth marker.

By the time we got back to the start they were busy packing up, and we were half an hour late.

Bronwen’s backwards compass

The orienteering map

Bronwen & Ned’s paths: Ned in pink, Bronwen in green

Ned’s path

Bronwen’s path: Bronwen’s GPS didn’t kick in until she had already started, hence why her path starts in the middle of nowhere. The confusion around point four is when Bronwen worked out her compass pointed South.

Ned & Bronwen’s times

Marker Ned Bronwen Ned’s Total Bronwen’s Total
1 9:16+8:39 14:35 17:55 14:35
2 17:30 8:33 35:25 23:08
3 14:47 12:38 50:12 35:46
4 5:29 7:11 55:41 42:57
5 4:14 8:05 59:55 51:02
6 6:36 7:20 66:31 58:22
7 6:14 5:02 72:45 63:24
8 4:44 5:39 77:29 69:03
9 2:24 4:23 79:53 73:26
10 1:32 2:17 81:25 75:43
11 2:07 2:41 83:32 78:24
12 2:01 4:03 85:33 82:27
13 1:59 1:19 87:32 83:46
14 13:02 5:26+5:43 100:34 94:55
15 3:32 4:28 104:06 99:23
16 6:18 10:52 110:24 110:15
17 3:37 3:20 114:01 113:35
Home 33:56 34:28 147:57 148:03

Overall Position

Hard 3 Time
1 Leo Theoharis   53.36
2 Joshua Morrison EN 54.17
3 Mark Morton   60.26
4 Michael Burridge UG Q 64.18
5 Oskar Donnelly   67.36
6 Oliver Judge-Mears   67.45
7 Su Yan Tay   72.02
8 Julie Leung TF 78.56
9 Neets Pluschke   79.10
10 Mandy Caldwell   93.52
11 Tom Leung   95.29
12 Rebekah Apelt TF 96.22
13 Brendan Henry   117.44
14 Ned Martin   147.57
15 Bronwen Fairbairn   148.03
  Tony Bryant EN mp


We drove over to Bronwen’s parents’ place to drop off a slow cooker. We were planning to have dinner at Halim’s or Sing’s in Rosalie, but there was a game on at Lang Park so there wasn’t any parking, so we went to Kookaburra Café instead, and had a veggie lasagne and the pumpkin gnocchi with blue cheese that I’d been craving since we went there last time and they had run out. Though I did accidentally order a coffee milkshake instead of a coffee thickshake.

Sunday 20th July – Regional Flavours Festival


I paid my car rego.

Bronwen and I drove to South Bank, where we walked around the Regional Flavours Festival, and sampled nearly everything. I ate countless relishes and dips, many cheeses, an entire row of different kinds of chilli chocolate, and numerous other things. It’s an excellent festival!

Lots of chocolate at the Regional Flavours Festival

Bronwen drinking something at the Regional Flavours Festival

Things to eat at the Regional Flavours Festival

Chilli chocolate at the Regional Flavours Festival

Chilli chocolate at the Regional Flavours Festival

Bronwen enjoying chilli chocolate at the Regional Flavours Festival

Chilli preserves at the Regional Flavours Festival

Crowds at the Regional Flavours Festival

Many types of pepper at the Regional Flavours Festival


After the festival we drove up to Bronwen’s parents’ place to drop off some relishes we’d bought them. Then we drove home, via Bronwen’s work to get her bike. I’m tired.

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