Monday 12th January – Back to Work & Roving Conspiracy

Back to Work

I drove into work, via Bronwen’s work, for the first time this year. After last year’s flooding, work doesn’t yet have a fridge, coffee machine or microwave—they are arriving tomorrow apparently.

Roving Conspiracy

I picked Bronwen up from her parents’ place after work, and we drove to “Roving Conspiracy”, hosted at a random house somewhere in Dutton Park. It was quite busy and remarkably hot under the raised Queenslander where they’d moved the music gear due to the impending rain, but some of the acts were really quite good and the carrot cake was delicious.

Roving conspiracy, in a random backyard.

People turn up for Roving Conspiracy.

Jo Davie performs at Roving Conspiracy.

Another Jo, in this case Jonathan Sri the local Greens candidate and the man behind Roving Conspiracy, performs.

Tuesday 13th January – Taken 3


I drove to work, and worked.


Bronwen went to “Aerial Yoga”, and I met her after at West End, where we had a very quick dinner—she had a felafel roll from King Ahiram’s and I had curry from Top in Town—before rushing to South Bank Cineplex where we watched “Taken 3”. It wasn’t very good—as usual, it was fun to watch, but everything about the movie just wasn’t very good. That’s about as descriptive as I can get. My mint choc-top wasn’t that good either—the ice cream was a little soft, the cone was also a little soft and lacked that satisfying crunch an ice cream cone should have, the choc top part had spread down onto the cone a bit which meant it got onto my fingers, and the choc bits in the mint were too hard, coming as a surprise when eating soft ice cream.

Wednesday 14th January – Tasmanian Photos


I worked. It rained.


I drove up to Bronwen’s parents’ place, where Bronwen was, and we had dinner there and had a look at some of the photos from Bronwen’s Dad’s trip to Tasmania.

Thursday 15th January – Very Hot


I worked. It was very hot at work.

I am unsure how a development from a heritage place to a demolition of a heritage place is still a development?

It was very hot at work, reaching 28° at one stage.


I had a quiet night at home.

Friday 16th January – Bronwen wins a trip to Dallas


I worked. Bronwen called to say she’d won a ticket, and flights, to the SAS Global Forum in Dallas in April. She was very excited.


I drove to Frew Park in Milton, where I met Bronwen, and from there we drove to Toowong Sizzler to celebrate her winning her trip to the SAS Global Forum.

We drove to Bronwen’s parents’ place after.

I have a sore throat.

Saturday 17th January – College’s Crossing


Bronwen’s parents’ dropped past in the morning.

Bronwen and I walked down to a nearby park and took some photos with my camera and her Dad’s camera, to try to figure out if my camera is faulty. As usual, the results were inconclusive.

Then, just before we were about to leave to go for a swim, next door dropped past to introduce Rodga—his new, rather large, snake.

Bronwen with Rodga, our neighbour’s new gender-uncertain snake.

Rodga is very shiny.

Rodga poked out his tongue and hissed. I assumed this meant “hello”.

Rodga goes exploring, flying snake style.

After chatting for a while and having a look at the new exhaust on his motorbike, Bronwen and I drove down to Woolworths and bought some juice and dips, and then drove to College’s Crossing.

It was incredibly hot, and there’s almost no shade, so we sat in one of the few bits of shade and ate our dips, before floating around in the water for a while hoping the bull sharks didn’t eat us. The water is quite muddy coloured and the bottom is full of sharp rocks and mud—it’s nowhere near as nice as it used to be before the flood.

Ned and Bronwen enjoy their picnic in one of the few shady spots at College’s Crossing.

They have replaced the Bull Shark warning sign with a more generic, and less scary, one about aquatic species that can inflict bites or stings.

Bronwen and Ned enjoy the cooling waters and aquatic creatures that can inflict bites and stings at College’s Crossing.

Bronwen at College’s Crossing.

Bronwen tries to save Ned from the bull sharks at College’s Crossing.

Men paddle past, safe above the many aquatic creatures that can inflict bites and stings at College’s Crossing.

A man leaps several feet into the air after spotting an aquatic creature that could have inflicted a bite or sting at College’s Crossing.

A man is eaten by a bull shark at College’s Crossing.

Bronwen leaps from the water in an effort to escape almost certain death from an aquatic bite or sting at College’s Crossing.

All that is left of Bronwen after the bull sharks at College’s Crossing.

In 2011 the flood water was measures 13 metres above the tip of this sign at College’s Crossing.


We had curry from Halim’s for dinner, and drove up to Bronwen’s parents’ place for tea after.

Bronwen eating curry at Halim’s Indian Taj.

Sunday 18th January – Housework


It was so hot that we had to turn the aircon on for the first time this year.

My throat is still sore but doesn’t seem to be getting any worse—or really any better either.

Bronwen models her kimono.

Bronwen models her kimono.

Bronwen models her kimono.

Bronwen and I did some work around the house, drove to Bunnings to look for new hinges for one of the cupboards, and generally avoided going outside. We also watched Star Wars Episode IV.

Bronwen ponders the complexities of being a tradesman.


Bronwen and I had dinner at Vege Rama in West End, before dropping past Bronwen’s parents’ place to drop off Bronwen’s Dad’s camera. Even at night, it’s still far too hot.

Bronwen enjoys her dinner at Vege Rama in West End.