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Mon 19th to Mon 26th Jan 2015

Australia Day

Bronwen feeds snakes, it rains a lot, we go swimming at Cedar Creek Falls, attend the Super-Awesome Greens Supporters Party, go to a photoshoot where my camera doesn’t work, watch Australia Day fireworks, & Bronwen goes in a 1000w Esky Race.

Mon 12th to Sun 18th Jan 2015

College’s Crossing

I return to work, Bronwen & I go to Roving Conspiracy, watch “Taken 3”, survive the bull sharks at College’s Crossing, & Bronwen plays with snakes & wins a trip to Dallas.

Mon 5th to Sun 11th Jan 2015

Brisbane No Pants Subway Ride & Sunset Gathering

Bronwen & I test my camera, go to a climbing BBQ, ride the train with pantless people from No Pants Subway Ride & attend the first Sunset Gathering of the year.

Fri 14th to Sun 16th Nov 2014

Brisbane G20 Summit

Bronwen & I attend the G20 Summit in Brisbane.

Fri 31st Oct to Sun 2nd Nov 2014

Island Vibe Festival 2014

Bronwen & I go to Stradbroke Island & Island Vibe Festival.

Sun 19th Oct 2014

Rockets & Scarecrows

Bronwen & I drive to Queensland Rocketry Society’s Rocket Launch & watch many rockets, then continue to Tamborine Mountain Scarecrow Festival.

Mon 13th to Sat 18th Oct 2014

Little Planets

I go to the G20 Laws Community Session, learn how to make “little planets”, & Bronwen is sent a bomb.

Sat 11th to Sun 12th Oct 2014

Brisbane Open House, West End Festival, & Brisbane Kite Festival

It is Brisbane Open House weekend so Bronwen & I go see QPAC, Roma St Fire Station, the Law Courts, the Masonic Temple, & the Port of Brisbane, as well as the West End Festival and the Brisbane Kite Festival.

Mon 6th to Fri 10th Oct 2014

Bris Brick’s Lego Exhibition & Roving Conspiracy

Bronwen & I go to Bris Brick’s Lego Exhibition, The Greens’ “Roving Conspiracy”, & I watch a lunar eclipse & some Diwali celebrations.

Sun 5th Oct 2014

Brisbane Zombie Walk

Bronwen goes to TedX & I go to the Thai Festival & The Brisbane Zombie Walk, which I survive.

Mon 29th Sep to Sat 4th Oct 2014

Spring Hill Alive Festival

Bronwen’s parents return from Japan, I finish working, & Bronwen & I go to the Spring Hill Alive Festival.

Mon 22nd to Sun 28th Sep 2014


Bronwen & I go to Riverfire, watch jets & helicopters, & trample people & their picnics.

Fri 19th to Sun 21st Sep 2014

Mitchell Creek 2014 Rock ‘n’ Blues Festival

Bronwen & I drive to the Mitchell Creek 2014 Rock ‘n’ Blues Festival, have a great time, & drive home again very tired.

Mon 15th to Thu 18th Sep 2014

The iPhone 6 Plus

I buy a mousepad. Bronwen wears a hat. Everyone else buys an iPhone.

Sun 14th Sep 2014

Swell Sculpture Festival

Bronwen & I drive to Currumbin Beach & The Swell Sculpture Festival & stop at the PNG Independence Day Festival in Beenleigh on the way home.

Mon 8th to Sat 13th Sep 2014

Exxopolis & Street Reads

Bronwen’s parents go to Japan & Bronwen & I go to the Exxopolis luminarium, watch “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, & battle roaches in “Street Reads”.

Mon 1st to Sun 7th Sep 2014

Spring is Sprung!

I recover from my tooth extraction, Bronwen & I see “Do Do Land” & go to the Kurilpa Derby, & Sizzler.

Mon 25th to Sun 31st Aug 2014

The Wisdom Tooth

I have pain & my wisdom tooth is removed.

Mon 18th to Sun 24th Aug 2014

Valley Fiesta & Slacklining

I eat a cupcake, watch “The Expendables 3”, go to Valley Fiesta & watch Slacklining.

Mon 11th to Sun 17th Aug 2014

Ekka Flu & The Supermoon

Bronwen & I go to Moonfest & there is a Supermoon. Then we catch Ekka flu & ache.

Mon 4th to Sun 10th Aug 2014

The Pipe Organ & Sunset Gathering

I ache, watch “Lucy”, break my phone, & Bronwen & I go to the Brunswick St. Mall reopening, listen to City Hall’s Pipe Organ, & go to the colourful Sunset Gathering.

Mon 28th Jul to Sun 3rd Aug 2014

Cannon Firing at Fort Lytton

I go to the Hawken Village Street Festival, watch AFL, crazy uni students, & “Guardians Of The Galaxy”, & try to photograph cannons firing at Fort Lytton.

Mon 21st to Sun 27th Jul 2014

Hogswatch in July

It is Alexandra’s birthday, I drop a hard drive off to Amanda, taps to Bunnings, pay some tax, look at Cosplay people, Hogswatch in July people, St. Brigid’s Church, & find a brush with breasts.

Mon 14th to Sun 20th Jul 2014

South Bank’s Regional Flavours Festival

I go to work, the bus is slow & annoying, Bronwen & I go orienteering, & eat lots of things at the Regional Flavours Festival.

Tue 18th to Sat 22nd Feb 2014

The Temples of Tamil Nadu

Bronwen & I travel India for 2 months. It isn’t the season tourists normally go, because it’s starting to get too hot. To try to make the best of this, & also the best use of our limited time, we fly into Chennai, & head immediately south, travelling through Tamil Nadu.

Wed 5th to Mon 17th Feb 2014

Preparing for India

I clean my car air-filter, look at flights to India & travel insurance, apply for an Indian visa, buy a new camera bag & camera strap, go to Sunset Gathering, get immunised & a sore arm, buy some locks, SD cards & various things for India, fight Citibank, book flights to India, & pack for India!

Thu 30th Jan to Tue 4th Feb 2014

The Rent-a-Bomb, Flash-lit Cactuses & Chinese Dancing Girls

I rent-a-bomb, photograph cactuses at Mount Coot-Tha Botanic Gardens, watch dancing girls at the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations, finish up at work, give the rent-a-bomb back, swim in the peeing pool at Southbank, & Bronwen’s leave is approved.

Sun 26th to Wed 29th Jan 2014

Australia Day

I go to the “Freedom Rally”, take my car to the RACQ Assessment Centre, & clean my laptop heatsink.

Sat 11th to Sat 25th Jan 2014

Chopping Tree, Hitting Car, Scanning Ear

Bronwen & her Dad chop down a tree, I fight ivy & a washing machine, go back to work, eat sushi, move office, watch “47 Ronin”, swim at Cedar Creek, have ear scans at hospital, & am involved in a car accident. Also, a possum comes inside.

Fri 3rd to Fri 10th Jan 2014

Bronwen’s Hair

Bronwen & I are sick & sleepy, watch “The Desolation of Smaug”, I see a koala, & the rest is about Bronwen’s hair.

Thu 26th Dec 2013 to Thu 2nd Jan 2014

Woodford Folk Festival 2013/14

Bronwen and I go to Woodford Folk Festival, see many, many things & have a good time.

Mon 16th to Thu 19th Dec 2013

Christmas Lights

Bronwen & I watch the Myer Christmas Parade and Pantomim, “American Hustle”, “Enders Game”, & drive lots, seeing many, many Christmas Lights.

Mon 9th to Sun 15th Dec 2013

Christmas Carols

I watch “The Spectacular Now”, The Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols, City Hall’s Light Spectacular, & go to College’s Crossing, which is destroyed.

Tue 22nd Oct 2013

Wide Eyed

I eat veggie pasties, pizza & am wide-eyed & amused.

Sun 22nd to Fri 27th Sep 2013

Swell Sculpture Festival

Bronwen & I drive to Currumbin Beach & The Swell Sculpture Festival & attend UQ’s MBA Information Evening, & I eat lunch with Alexandra & Anne & start exercising, & my ear plays up.

Mon 16th to Sat 21st Sep 2013

Symphony under the Stars

I take my car to the mechanic, who fixes two of the three things wrong with it; Bronwen & I see “Jobs”, go to “Symphony under the Stars” & “Opera at the Riverstage”; & I buy Bronwen a B.

Mon 9th to Sun 15th Sep 2013

SpringFlare Festival of Colours

Both Bronwen & I are sick & go to the doctor. We also see “White House Down”, the Brisbane Festival, & SpringFlare Festival of Colours, as well as gardening.

Mon 26th Aug to Sun 8th Sep 2013

Election 2013: Krishna’s Birthday, The Fire, The Snake, Serbians, The Kurilpa Derby & Alexandra’s Bass Guitar

Bronwen & I go to Krishna’s Birthday, the Serbian Festival, The Kuripla Derby (& squid race), the Sit Down Comedy Club, a few Brisbane Writers Festival events, watch “Red 2”, & Alexandra’s bass arrives; I find a fire & call for help, I find a snake & deal with it, & Abbott (Liberal) beats Rudd (Labor).

Sun 4th to Sun 25th Aug 2013

Rallies, Movies, Indians & Robots

I go to several rallies (gay marriage, saving the reef, & fearing chemtrails), see movies (“Now You See Me”, “Elysium” & “The World’s End”), eat very expensive food at The Stokehouse, watch ravers at “Elements in the Park” & dancers at “The Indian Independence Day Festival”, & see Japanese & teddybears at The Botanic Gardens & robots at QUT’s Robotronica, before watching the Glow Run & becoming sick.

Thu 11th to Mon 22nd Jul 2013

Comedy Hypnosis, Ailan Kores, Bastille Day, Sunset Gathering, Thai-ish Food & the Epicurean Festival

Bronwen, Anne, Andy & I go to Anthony Laffan’s “Comedy Hypnosis”, then Bronwen & I watch a (failed) attempt to form the largest trumpet ensemble ever, slackline, drink water, go to The Ailan Kores, Bastille Day, the Sunset Gathering & the Epicurean Festival, endure “Pacific Rim”, eat Thai-ish food, & I save Australia.

Sun 30th Jun to Wed 10th Jul 2013

Lockyer Powerfest, New Farm v Brisbane Wolves & The Teneriffe Festival

Bronwen & I go to Lockyer Powerfest at Lake Dyer where I develop “ouchies” & photograph lots of speedboats, eat at Sizzler, watch “Superman” at South Bank, ogle art at “A Celebration of the Female Form”, watch Dan lose in soccer, visit The Teneriffe Festival, & Bronwen & I watch “The Lone Ranger” but it is broken.

Sun 23rd to Sat 29th Jun 2013


Bronwen & I go to the World Refugee Day Festival, see the “supermoon”, & twirl fire at Moonfest. I catch public transport & take my car to David, go to Sizzler with extreme difficulty, & switch my mobile to TPG. Bronwen recycles batteries at ALDI, I upgrade my phone to ICS, & we both go slacklining & to a fifties-style street party–“Shake the Village”.

Sun 26th May to Sat 8th Jun 2013

Africa Day

Bronwen & I go to “Africa Day” & look at amazing hats, watch Dan play soccer–twice, watch “The Great Gatsby”, go to the Albion Comedy Club with Greg & Kylie & Toowong Cemetry with Sarah, & I help Maz move & pay my speeding fine.

Sat 6th to Sun 14th Apr 2013

Greta’s Wedding

Bronwen & I drive to Greta’s Wedding in Coffs Harbour. It is beautiful. Later, we watch “G.I. Joe Retaliation” & “Oblivion”, & I buy $5 shorts.

Sat 2nd to Wed 13th Mar 2013

Propaganda, Flooding & Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse

It floods again, I build a Propaganda site, & I go to Tom’s Confectionary Warehouse.

Sun 17th Feb to Fri 1st Mar 2013

Australian Sand Sculpting Championships

Bronwen & I drive to the Gold Coast to look at the “Australian Sand Sculpting Championships”, I start work, & we watch “Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away”.

Thu 14th to Sat 16th Feb 2013

Daisy Hill Koala Centre

I attend interviews & get some work, Maz’s car battery goes flat, & Bronwen & I go to the Daisy Hill Koala Centre.

Sun 10th to Wed 13th Feb 2013

Mapleton Falls

Bronwen, Maz, Clint & I walk to the base of Mapleton Falls, & Maz & I nearly die.

Sun 3rd to Sat 9th Feb 2013

The Harrowing History of my Media Centre

I build a new media centre, which promptly breaks, prompting me to revisit the harrowing history of my media centre. Bronwen & I also go see “Race 2”–a Bollywood film–& Mettro tells me Ray White have pulled development back in-house.

Sat 2nd Feb 2013

Twin Falls Circuit, Springbrook

Bronwen, Maz & I drive to Springbrook & walk the Twin Falls Circuit, which is closed, & then go to Chez Tessa because The Burrito Bar has run out of tacos.

Fri 25th Jan to Fri 1st Feb 2013

Flooding, Storms & Power Failures

My umbrella is stolen, there is a little storm & half of QLD (including me) loses power, & the media centre dies.

Sat 19th to Thu 24th Jan 2013

Boondall Wetlands

Bronwen & I swim at Southbank, walk through Boondall Wetlands, see many jellyfish, & I have my wheels balanced.

Mon 7th to Fri 18th Jan 2013

My Last Two Weeks at Mettro

I go back to work, replace the diff in my car, and finish up at Mettro. Bronwen & I watch “Les Miserables”, “The Life of Pi”, Jupiter at Astro Pete’s, & “Gangster Squad”, & we go to Heidi’s Fortieth. Laurie passes away.

Mon 12th to Wed 14th Nov 2012

The Solar Eclipse of 2012

Bronwen & I fly to Cairns, drive to Mount Carbine, & watch an amazing solar eclipse with Bronwen’s parents. I then meet Silas & Liza, & fly home.

Sat 27th Oct to Fri 9th Nov 2012

The Valley Fiesta, Bogan Bingo & The Brisbane Grass Roots Music Festival

Bronwen & I go to Sunnybank, The Valley Fiesta, Bogan Bingo, Astro Pete’s, The Diwali Festival, The Brisbane Grass Roots Music Festival, & see “The Intouchables”; Sarah’s laptop arrives, Silas & Liza visit, & I get sick.

Sat 20th to Fri 26th Oct 2012

Bogans, Scarecrows & Cedar Creek

I buy 6TB of hard drives for the server & find they can’t be used, go to Sizzler with Bronwen, & Cedar Creek & Cameron Falls with Bronwen & Maz & most of the bogans in the Gold Coast, & see some scarecrows. Then Niall leaves, I meet Clint, & go see Anthony Laffan’s Comedy Hypnosis Show.

Sat 13th to Fri 19th Oct 2012

Springbrook, Twin Falls & Natural Bridge

Bronwen & I drive to Springbrook, walk the Twin Falls Circuit, & look at Natural Bridge in the day time for a change. I also use the bike carrier for the first time.

Fri 5th to Fri 12th Oct 2012

Kondalilla Falls & Alexandria Bay

Bronwen & I go to Govinda’s, don’t take Natacha to Murwillumbah & instead go to Kondalilla Falls & Alexandria Bay, see a fruit bat and many naked men, & eat a Frenzy for the first time in many years.

Mon 1st to Thu 4th Oct 2012

Springbrook, Purling Brook Falls & an Upside Down 4WD

Bronwen, Maz & I drive to Springbrook & visit Purling Brook Falls, coming across an upside down 4WD on the way home; Bronwen & I get free mini Dutch pancakes, watch “Looper”, & I cook two-minute noodles.

Mon 24th to Sun 30th Sep 2012

Robowars 2012 Nationals & Riverfire

Bronwen & I attend the Robowars 2012 Nationals, watch Riverfire from the 33rd floor of the Suncorp building, & Bronwen starts a new job.

Sat 22nd to Sun 23rd Sep 2012

The West End Block Party, Alexander Hills Hotel, Byron Bay & Nimbin

I go to the West End Block Party, Bronwen & I both go to the Sit Down Comedy Club at the Alexandra Hills Hotel, & Maz, Uzi, Ian, Chris & I drive & ride to the Gold Coast, Byron Bay & Nimbin.

Sat 15th to Fri 21st Sep 2012

Stradbroke Island, The “Straddie Salute” Triathlon, & Moonrise Kingdom

Bronwen & I go to Stradbroke Island, watch the “Straddie Salute” triathlon, “Moonrise Kingdon”, eat chocolate nachos & go to Govinda’s.

Sat 8th to Fri 14th Sep 2012

The Brisbane Festival & Lake Kurwongbah

Bronwen & I watch the Brisbane Festival opening & Santos City of Lights, drive to Lake Kurwongbah with Maz, walk up Mt. Gravatt, eat pizza, & I am nearly killed by a ferocious shower spider.

Sat 1st to Fri 7th Sep 2012

Natural Bridge Glow Worm Cave

Maz, Kate & I drive to Natural Bridge Glow Worm Caves, we all look at Ngoc’s milk boobs, then Ngoc’s icecream boobs, watch “The Expendables 2”, a spider is in my shoe, the police deafen me, I clone my hard drive, & go shoe shopping & visit the new Chez Tessa.

Sat 28th Jul to Fri 3rd Aug 2012

Flinder’s Peak & Secret Cave

Bronwen & I go to The Korean Multicultural Festival, & climb Flinder’s Peak with Derek, Eric & Robert, I fall sick, Bronwen’s job ends, & wee see off Natacha at The Three Monkeys with Shane and Alexandra, before booking flights to Cairns.

Wed 30th May to Tue 5th Jun 2012

A Week of Food

I eat–and photograph–food for a week, go to Pittsworth with Maz, watch “Men in Black 3”, & try a new vegetarian restaurant–The Green Vegetarian Restaurant

Sun 15th Apr 2012

Wabbit Season

I eat chips at Pittsworth, curry in Rosalie, & film the massacre of many Easter Bunnies.

Sat 14th Apr 2012

Pittsworth Light Painting

Bronwen & I go to Pittsworth with Maz & Clint, eat birthday cake, & take photographs in the dark.

Thu 5th to Tue 10th Apr 2012

Stradbroke, Ants, Mosquitoes & Gum Nuts

I go to Stradbroke Island with Bronwen & am attacked by ants, mosquitoes, & gum nuts—but no icebergs.

Thu 22nd Mar to Wed 4th Apr 2012

Suitcase Rummages, Mini Bike Trainers & Earth Hour

I run out of milk, go to the Sit Down Comedy Club, eat chips with Clint at Scarborough, shop for shoes & chocolate, watch “The Hunger Games”, attend “Earth Hour”, a suitcase rummage, & buy a Mini Bike Trainer.

Sat 10th to Wed 21st Mar 2012

Gavin’s Funeral

Bronwen & I attend Gavin’s funeral, I get toothache & visit the dentist, go to Govinda’s Sunday Feast, & watch “Coriolanus” & “The Rum Diaries”.

Sun 4th to Fri 9th Mar 2012

Bushwalking O’Reilly’s, Leeches & Itching

Bronwen, Clint, Maz & I go for a wet & misty walk through the leeches along Toolona Creek & Mount Wanungra at O’Reilly’s, & itch for days after.

Sat 3rd Mar 2012

Birthday Shirts

I get very “me” Birthday Shirts, walk the Gateway Bridge, & eat muffins.

Mon 20th Feb to Fri 2nd Mar 2012

Sick, Retiring, RAM & Comedy

I put more RAM in my laptop, Bronwen’s Dad “retires”, her Aunt & Uncle leave, we laugh at the Sit Down Comedy Club, & watch “Killer Elite”.

Sat 18th to Sun 19th Feb 2012

Coomera Circuit, Lamington National Park

Bronwen, Clint & I walk the Coomera Circuit in Lamington National Park, & I eat pancakes & fall sick.

Wed 1st to Fri 17th Feb 2012

The KGB Don’t Find Me

The KGB don’t find me, I fix my car’s central locking, watch “Chronicle” with Clint & “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” without him, the water fails, Flash crashes, I redesign my site, & Bronwen & I attend Cam & Christine’s party & a family dinner.

Mon 23rd to Tue 31st Jan 2012

Family Dinner, Sizzlers, & Cloudflare

I have some days & nights, attend family dinner at Bronwen’s parents’ place, eat most of Sizzlers, & start using Cloudflare.

Mon 9th to Fri 20th Jan 2012

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

It is hot. I fix my car door, watch “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, & eat a lot.

Wed 4th to Sun 8th Jan 2012

College’s Crossing

I watch “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”, eat a late Christmas Lunch at Sizzlers, & go swimming at College’s Crossing.

Mon 26th Dec 2011 to Tue 3rd Jan 2012

Woodford Folk Festival & The Dreaming

Bronwen and I go to Woodford Folk Festival, where the weather is good for a change, I fall sick, we don’t argue, and overall have a great time.

Sat 10th to Fri 16th Dec 2011

Wherein I get a new bike & the moon goes away

I am haircut, there is a lunar eclipse, Bronwen buys me a bike, I go riding & get lost, fall over and damage my laptop, & post my old camera up to Sarah.

Sat 3rd to Fri 9th Dec 2011

Dotty at GoMA: We Miss You Magic Land!

I go dotty at GoMA, eat chips, pizza & pasta, & attend the work Christmas Party.

Wed 23rd Nov to Fri 2nd Dec 2011

Pittsworth & Light Painting

A picture breaks, I eat at Coffee Club, buy a Mack Diamond Warranty, drive to Pittsworth with Maz, take starry photos, go-live at work, & watch the lighting of the Mayor’s Christmas tree.

Sun 20th to Tue 22nd Nov 2011

Bronwen’s Birthday

It is Bronwen’s birthday, I make my first ever “Extra Special Birthday Vouchers”, get lots of things from eBay–some of which aren’t broken–& photograph the city.

Mon 14th to Sat 19th Nov 2011

Seven Years

It is Bronwen and my seventh anniversary. I attempt to change my headlamps, eat curry with Silas, photograph the media centre & my server, give Bronwen flowers, gain a battery grip for my camera, & eat dinner at Caravanserai.

Mon 7th to Fri 11th Nov 2011

Canon EOS 7D

My new Canon EOS 7D camera arrives & I am excited.

Sat 15th Oct 2011

Tamborine Mountain Scarecrow Festival

Bronwen & I drive to Tamborine Mountain for the Tamborine Mountain Scarecrow Festival, & are lucky to survive.

Sat 1st Oct 2011

The Steamers (Attempt Five)

A fifth unsuccessful attempt to get to “The Steamers”, wherein it rains, squalls, & I meet the strongest wind I have ever met.

Tue 6th to Fri 9th Sep 2011

More Torches & Some Thai

Two torches arrive from eBay, only one of which is broken; it rains & blows, & I go to Tara Thai.

Mon 22nd to Fri 26th Aug 2011

Torches, Tax & Dinner

Bronwen has her first day at work, my 18650 batteries and P-Rocket torch arrive, Mack Warranties suck, it rains, & we have dinner with Bronwen’s cousins, Laurence & Valerie.

Thu 11th to Thu 18th Aug 2011

A Funeral, Classical Music, Cowboys & Aliens

I attend Bronwen’s grandfather’s funeral, Classic FM’s Topology, & Cowboys & Aliens.

Mon 1st to Wed 10th Aug 2011

Computers Suck

I fought–then bought–a monitor, fought the media centre, watched Captain America fight, bought some torches & batteries & a fake Wi-Fi card on eBay, fought my netbook, went to Sunday Live, fought Bilharzia, & got fit & stayed thin.

Fri 29th to Sun 31st Jul 2011

The Haircut & Not The Steamers

I get a haircut & don’t die on a cliff, in the dark, trying to find “The Steamers”.

Fri 22nd to Thu 28th Jul 2011

Stradbroke Island & Ida’s Funeral

I get a quote for my lens repair, go to Stradbroke Island, trim the hedge, install windscreen wipers & attend Ida’s funeral.

Wed 13th to Thu 21st Jul 2011

Home, Frizzy Hair, Pizza & Lens Repair

I arrive home, Bronwen’s hair goes frizzy, we watch Harry Potter & Transformers, visit Kieran, Maz, Smeagol, buy pizza & a shirt, & visit Camera Tech.

Sun 20th to Sat 26th Mar 2011

The Netbook, The Diseases, & Tom

I buy a netbook, eat Malaysian food, visit the travel doctor, inject diseases, buy a Lumix camera, travel on a bus, & have lunch with Tom.

Mon 14th to Sat 19th Mar 2011

My Kindle, My Dentist & My Last Day at Work

My Kindle arrives, I visit the dentist, have my last day at work, & nearly die in several road accidents.

Sat 12th Mar 2011

World Naked Bike Ride

I watched naked people ride bikes, had a milkshake, and watched “Gilmore Girls”.

Mon 28th Feb to Fri 11th Mar 2011

Quitting Work, Buying Flights & a Kindle

I visit Amanda, give notice at work, book flights to Europe, & Bronwen gets a Kindle.

Mon 21st to Sun 27th Feb 2011

Storms, Nachos, Anger & Laptop Repair

I am very angry, it storms big, Maz moves to his new place, my laptop is repaired, & we go for a lovely drive.

Mon 14th to Sun 20th Feb 2011

Stradbroke Island & Natalie

I go to Stradbroke Island, and, unrelatedly, meet Natalie.

Mon 7th to Sun 13th Feb 2011

Gasses Damaging to the Ozone Layer

I cancel things, get in trouble, visit Amanda, & Maz, Kieran, Bunnings, Sunnybank & Govinda’s.

Mon 31st Jan to Sun 6th Feb 2011

The Eight Dollar Milkshake

I buy an eight dollar milkshake, find that traffic congestion occurs during peak-hour, eat a fair bit, & go to Cleveland.

Mon 24th to Sun 30th Jan 2011

Moving House

My sister is pregnant, I visit College’s Crossing Moonscape, move to Bronwen’s, & find traffic sucks.

Tue 18th to Sun 23rd Jan 2011

Squatting after the Flood

I move my things back to my flood damaged house & squat there. I also trim hedges, eat Sizzlers, tacos, curry, & help Maz move.

Tue 11th to Mon 17th Jan 2011

The Flood

There is a huge flood: I evacuate, my house is flooded, & then cleaned.

Mon 3rd to Mon 10th Jan 2011

College’s Crossing Flooded

I drive back to Woodford, go for a swim, eventually get to Nandos & naively go to swim at a flooded College’s Crossing.

Sun 26th Dec 2010 to Sun 2nd Jan 2011

Woodford, Rain, Relationship Woes & 2011

It rains a lot, my feet hurt, I volunteer at Woodford, argue with Bronwen, & return to Brisbane.

Sat 27th Nov 2010


I attend Robowars & buy fudge.

Sat 13th Nov 2010

Sculpture by the Sea

Bronwen & I fly to Sculpture by the Sea & take lots of photos.

Wed 3rd to Fri 12th Nov 2010

Handel’s Solomon

I fix the broken front door, look at cameras, eat cheesecake, go driving, stay up all night, buy tickets to Sydney, & attend Handel’s Solomon at St. John’s Cathedral.

Mon 1st to Tue 2nd Nov 2010

Police remove Blaise & Amy

My horse wins, Amy & Blaise attempt to break in, breaking the door, & the police are called.

Mon 25th to Thu 28th Oct 2010

A Taxing Time

I am threatened, eat pizza, do my tax & work after hours.

Sun 24th Oct 2010

Brisbane Zombie Walk

Bronwen & I shoot zombies at the Brisbane Zombie Walk, eat Thai, visit Maz, & it storms.

Mon 18th to Sat 23rd Oct 2010

Earthlings, Remix & Bronwen’s New Laptop

I attend “Earthlings”, “Remix”, the West End Markets, several cheap takeaway places, & Bronwen gets a new laptop.

Fri 1st to Wed 13th Oct 2010

Hayfever, Paintball & Flooding

I get hayfever, shoot people with paintballs, & it floods.

Sat 4th to Sun 5th Sep 2010

Riverfire & Riverbreakfast

I drive far into the mist, watch F111 jets & fireworks, & squeeze through crowds to eat French food.

Tue 31st Aug to Fri 3rd Sep 2010

My Car Breaks

My car breaks, Eagle Boys suck, I buy U2 tickets, see “Tomorrow, When the War Began”, & see Peter Berner at the Sit Down Comedy Club.

Sun 22nd to Mon 30th Aug 2010

Valerie’s Second Coming

Valerie comes again, It Takes 2 to Tango, I see Clint, “Salt”, & Buderim & Bronwen’s Grandfather.

Mon 9th to Sat 21st Aug 2010

The Return of Valerie & The Pressurised Head

I hurt my eye, see the doctor, argue politics, fall sick with a pressurised head & Valerie returns.

Sun 25th to Thu 29th Jul 2010

New Flatmates: Amy & Blaise

I stay up late working, get new flatmates & Bronwen bruises herself.

Sun 18th to Sat 24th Jul 2010

Sabine says Goodbye

I replace my car mirror, say goodbye to Sabine, show people my rooms, watch Inception, & go to the wreckers.

Mon 12th to Sat 17th Jul 2010

The Return of Sabine

I drive, eat, wreck my mirror, watch Knight & Day, & Sabine returns.

Sun 11th Jul 2010

Abbey Medieval Festival

I attend the Abbey Medieval Festival.

Sun 4th to Sat 10th Jul 2010

Going Between & Car Re-Tiring

I visit the Go Between Bridge, Kara is sick, & my car is re-tired.

Mon 28th Jun to Sat 3rd Jul 2010

Death of a Teapot

A teapot dies, I watch Balibo, Samson & Delilah, interview people, & build a perpetual motion machine.

Mon 21st to Sun 27th Jun 2010

20 Bread Rolls, A Brainstem Infection & A Lunar Eclipse

I get a brainstem infection, 20 bread rolls, two LED torches, & there is a lunar eclipse & lots of fire twirling.

Tue 15th to Sun 20th Jun 2010

I am sick, watch The A-Team, & Sabine departs

I am sick, watch The A-Team, meet Sabine’s boyfriend, & am sad when Sabine leaves.

Fri 11th to Mon 14th Jun 2010

The Dreaming

I go to The Dreaming Festival, & fall sick.

Tue 1st to Thu 10th Jun 2010

Paddington Fair, Jokes & Suitcase Rummaging

I flash phone ROMs, watch “Titanic”, fight Paypal, visit Paddington Fair, rummage through suitcases & tell the best joke ever.

Mon 10th to Sun 16th May 2010

Phone buying dramas & Stradbroke

I get the wrong phone, then the right phone, & go to Stradbroke.

Sun 25th to Tue 27th Apr 2010


I attend ANZAC Day, learn how to train my dragon, & suffer from a pre-midlife crisis.

Sat 17th to Sat 24th Apr 2010

Ma Baker’s Tonic

I hunt green fleas, meet Sabine’s fiancé, watch “The Book of Eli”, clip hedges, brighten my car & see “Ma Baker’s Tonic”, amongst curry puffs, spring rolls & homemade lemonade.

Sat 10th to Fri 16th Apr 2010

Alexandria Bay, Noosa

In hindsight, there was a Music Kafe, very few people at work, Sabine arrived home, Bronwen bought surround sound & Valerie, Kara & I went to a nudist beach, after the markets.

Thu 1st to Fri 9th Apr 2010

Easter: Scouts, Stanthorpe, Girraween & Work

I climb the great pyramid amidst apple cider whilst my flatmates sail the oceans, before technical issues cut short my holiday—& regularly my sleep—& I return to work. Then, it’s Kick-Ass.

Fri 26th to Wed 31st Mar 2010

The 6th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art

I’m depressed, dangerous & go to Bunnings. The Earth has an hour, Bronwen & I have Hungry Jacks, attend APT6, drive Kara to the airport, and decide to be positive—not to mention, buying German bread & seeing the doctor about my eye.

Thu 25th Mar 2010

A Very Bad Day

I’m furiously angry, filled with quiet, subdued, rage - ironically, not at the police who I failed to evade, but at my work, Bronwen, & Valerie. & it’s all because I was trying to get fit.

Sun 21st to Wed 24th Mar 2010

Queensland Wind and Brass

I am annoyed at the lack of enforcement of road rules, cut myself on a can, & watch Kara play with Queensland Wind & Brass.

Sun 14th to Sat 20th Mar 2010

Welcome, Clem7 & Hurt Locker

I watch “Welcome”, “A Hurt Locker”, & some comedians, before getting a sore throat, calling in sick & driving through the Clem7 tunnel.

Mon 8th to Sat 13th Mar 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Ophthalmology, Alice in Wonderland, a kilo of peppermint creams & the St. Patrick’s Day parade, along with a new keyboard for my phone.

Mon 1st to Fri 5th Mar 2010

March Ophthalmology

I attend the ophthalmologist, Umart, curry, rain & pizza.

Fri 26th to Sun 28th Feb 2010

Linda and Bill’s Ruby Wedding Anniversary

Linda and Bill’s Ruby Wedding Anniversary: Mt. Tamborine in the rain: Bushwalking, swimming & mingling.

Mon 22nd to Thu 25th Feb 2010

Nothing of any interest

Just another normal week at work.

Mon 8th to Sun 14th Feb 2010

Late & Flatmates

I gain a sore eye, a very rich cheesecake, & two of Germany’s loveliest as flatmates.

Mon 1st to Sat 6th Feb 2010

Pulling apart computers

Bronwen pulls apart computers & Ned has an entire Arnott’s Family Assorted biscuit packet to himself, but fears it may not be enough.

Sun 31st Jan 2010

Let There Be Light

I am a fan of light, & my room has high ceilings… so I drove down to Bunning’s, & bought a thirty dollar light bulb.

Sun 17th Jan 2010

College’s Crossing

It is quite hot. Bronwen & I go swimming.

Fri 8th to Sat 16th Jan 2010

Lock ‘n’ Load, The Steamers & The Unwarping

It rains, I get my car unwarped, fail to climb The Steamers, Lock ‘n’ Load with Kristin, watch “Up in the Air” & have potential flatmates.

Sun 3rd to Thu 7th Jan 2010

Brisbane, Again

Back in Brisbane again, I go about my daily life, have Kara visit, & watch “Sherlock Holmes”.

Sun 20th Dec 2009

Clem7, & An Apple Notebook

I tour the Clem7 tunnel, & give Bronwen an Apple Notebook.

Sat 19th Dec 2009

Pre-Woodford Woes

I set up camp at Woodford & remember why I don’t like Woodford.

Sat 12th to Sun 13th Dec 2009

Hot, Inspired & Pensive

It’s hot. I eat curry, visit Kieran, stay up late & watch for Geminids.

Mon 7th to Fri 11th Dec 2009


Kurbaan, work, & some geeky things.

Sat 1st to Mon 31st Aug 2009

Sunday Live, Byron Bay, Speakers & Mustangs

I attend Sunday Live broadcasts, Ian Smith’s Bay Pastel showing, “District 9”, investigate speakers, have an x-ray, drive to Byron Bay, take over from my boss, & visit the Mustang State Concours & Muscle Car Spectacular.

Wed 1st to Fri 24th Jul 2009

Winning a TV & Bright Lights

I win a TV, buy earphones, start designing v3, fall sick, buy 500watt lights, am reviewed & see Harry Potter.

Sun 21st Jun 2009

Tamborine Mountain Scarecrow Festival

I drive to Tamborine Mountain for the Tamborine Mountain Scarecrow Festival, & am bitten by a vampire.

Fri 1st to Sun 31st May 2009


I install CentOS, start hosting my own sites, Maz buys surround speakers, & I suffer IKEA-poisoning & mental degradation due to excess shopping options.

Wed 1st to Thu 30th Apr 2009

April Daze

Kieran buys a car; I buy apple juice & reverse into a car. I also visit Stradbroke Island, Pittsworth, work’s Christmas in April, attend TocH, ANZAC Day, see “Fast and Furious”, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, my phone fails, & I get toothache.

Sun 1st to Tue 31st Mar 2009

A New Laptop, Stradbroke & Rejects

I sell an iPhone, buy a laptop, attend the Pittsworth Show, watch “Watchmen”, go to Stradbroke Island, & meet the rejects.

Fri 20th Feb 2009


It was a stormy day at work.

Sat 3rd to Sun 18th Jan 2009

Brisbane, after Woodford; Canberra & Maz’s New Car

I drive to work, fly to Canberra where Maz buys a car, drive back, visit Amanda, & see a movie & eat a lot.

Fri 26th Dec 2008 to Fri 2nd Jan 2009

Woodford Folk Festival

I drive to Cairns, fly back to Brisbane, drive to Woodford & enjoy the festival.

Tue 2nd to Mon 22nd Dec 2008

I buy a New Car

I buy a new car, see “Australia”, setup tent at Woodford, meet Silas & Sam, am embarrassed to be associated with the “No Clean Feed” people, & Stella moves entirely out.

Tue 25th to Wed 26th Nov 2008


I argue about solar power & see “Quantum of Solace”. It rains.

Fri 14th to Mon 24th Nov 2008

My Father’s Passing

Dad passes on.

Mon 10th to Thu 13th Nov 2008

Thai Food

Most of what happened is no longer known.

Fri 7th to Sun 9th Nov 2008

Extreme Kayaking

28 kilometres of kayaking, against the tide, through waist deep mud, into 30 knot winds.

Sat 1st to Thu 6th Nov 2008

Hip Hop, Movies & Food

I watch a school hip-hop competition, “Rock’n’Rolla”, “Death Race”, & eat food.

Mon 20th to Fri 24th Oct 2008

In The Middle

It hails. I get pizza & watch “Burn After Reading”.

Fri 17th to Sun 19th Oct 2008

Sydney & Sculpture by the Sea

I fly to Sydney, look at Sculpture by the Sea, & fly home again.

Thu 16th Oct 2008

Macro Sydney

Bronwen flies to Sydney, and I play around taking macro photographs.

Sun 23rd Mar 2008

The Execution of a Laptop

I go to Pittsworth with Bronwen & Maz & execute a laptop. Also, a pleasant bonfire is had.

Wed 28th Nov 2007

My Last Day at Work

I go to work for the last time, & send my lauded multi-me farewell email.

Fri 26th to Mon 29th Mar 2004

Hanging Rock Chalets

I relax and unwind at Hanging Rock Chalets.

Tue 10th Oct 2000 to Tue 30th Jan 2001

The Indian Journal: October 2000 – January 2001

I travel to India, see amazing things, & have an absolutely fantastic time.

Sat 26th Feb 2000

The first entry in my journal

I buy more RAM, & start using DragonNaturallySpeaking to write a journal…