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Journal3 is the reason for v3.

I keep a journal, which details in great detail every little detail of my daily life. It’s not always exciting, but does give a good indication of what my life is like, and presumably in turn what I am like.

It’s my collection of mundane daily life, interspersed with my attempts at photography, wit, and whatever else comes to mind. The Journal3 Index is probably where you’d want to start, or the recent entries:

Burleigh Bongos & The QLD/NSW Border Farce | Sun 29th Aug 2021
Burleigh Bongos & Fire Twirling | Sun 15th Aug 2021
74th Independence Day of India and Gold Coast Kite Festival | Sun 15th Aug 2021
Burleigh Bongos & Fire Twirling | Sun 18th Jul 2021
Rally at BITA: 8 Years No Freedom | Sun 18th Jul 2021
The Brisbane Gothic and Alternative Picnic 2021 | Sat 19th Jun 2021
Burleigh Bongos & Fire Twirling | Sun 30th May 2021
Green Heart Fair & Currumbin Alley | Sun 30th May 2021
Coffee Crunch & Chrome | Sun 30th May 2021
West End Fire Festival | Sat 29th May 2021
Africa Day Festival 2021 | Sat 29th May 2021
Burleigh Bongos & Fire Twirling | Sun 16th May 2021


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v3 is a stylistically diverse site. That’s the point of it. The freedom to style each page how I want, easily, without any restrictions—while still keeping some semblance of order. Total anarchy isn’t for me. The menu up the top is your friend. It’s the one thing that’s always there. Ned and Bronwen
Welcome to v3, the third incarnation of my personal website.

Hard Answers
HardAnswers.net It’s where you go for all those hard answers—or if you have a question you need an answer for. A useful site, by Ned Martin. HardAnswers.net

v2 was a very fixed site. Every page, every section, was exactly the same—stylistically speaking—as every other page. It’s still there—go have a look. It was heavily focused on standards compliance, accessibility, and all that jazz. It seemed the “right” way to design a perfectionist’s site back then. Now I’ve moved on. Order in chaos is my current goal.

v1 was my first attempt at a “proper” website. I’ll get it online if I can find the source code.

The-I.org – Ned Martin’s Online Persona

I also have a website devoted to my online persona, “thei”, where you will find some of my photography, including some of myself, the-i.org along with some information about me and where I live, amongst other things. There are also instructions for getting in contact with me via MSN or IRC, my musical tastes, and a whole lot more


Because Someone Has to Be:
Ned MartinI believe you can tell a lot about a person from what amuses them, or sometimes, what doesn’t amuse them, so when I come across something that amuses me, I put it on my amused site. Plus it’s a lot of fun.

There’s usually a few revealing things hanging around at my public file depository too, although be aware that, despite the name, they may not actually be intended for public view—read the disclaimer first.

All of this, and more, can be found from the menu, or check out the site map.
I graduated Information Technology from the University of Queensland’s St. Lucia Campus and I maintained a uni site – a single location that I used to place any of my university related items that I wanted online for some reason or other, and which now serves as an online record of my time at university. It also explains a little of how this site works, for those of you interested in PHP, HTML and web design.
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