Star Trek Double Feature

I need to inform you that South Bank Cineplex – the cinema famous for showing Ironman 3, in 3D, at one past midnight – is doing it again!

As you can see from below technically superior screenshot (don’t be confused by the heading, they are not actually my booking details and I haven’t actually booked anything) they have a Star Trek double feature, which is 265 minutes long. This is much longer than a normal movie, so I think it is two movies – perhaps a double feature, which could explain why its description says “This is a double feature”.

From what I can tell, it is probably a movie starting at 9:15 PM, and then the new 3D Star Trek at 12:01 AM on the ninth of May (please note that the 9th of May is a Thursday, which means these movies are on Wednesday night).

Needless to say, this is extremely exciting if you are a Star Trek fan, which I am not. Nevertheless, it is most likely far more exciting than sleeping, especially if you are a Star Trek fan.

(Screenshot taken around 5 PM, Thursday 2 May, 2013)


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