Computer Sound Setup using kxDSP and an SBLive

Below is a quick screen-grab of the set up of my SBLive card, using the EMU10K1 processor.

This is the “default” setup of an SBLive card (nearly, MX6 and Peak wouldn’t normally be there):

This is what I have mine set up as:

This is the dynamics processor I use–currently just normalizing my mp3’s, because they’re all different volumes and changing the volume to match each one was getting annoying:

This is the 6-channel mixer I use. The first channel is all “default” un-routed “Windows noises” (such as system beeps and so on). The second channel is Winamp and various music and DVD programs. The third channel is a low FX channel used when I'm playing DVD’s:
MX 6

This is the little bargraph display I use. I have two hardware outputs that I use–one goes to the stereo/TV in the lounge room, the other to my computer speakers/headphones. This set up allows me to do things such as play music through my headphones while playing a DVD or different music to the lounge room, and without some silly computer beep interfering:
Peak 4

See for more information on the MX6 and Peak4 mixers, or for more information on, and links about, the kX Mixer used to power this.