Oruxmaps Wakelock preventing deep sleep while tracking

Hello, and thank you for an excellent piece of software! I find it, combined with the maps from Openandromaps, to be fantastic!

I have one problem however. I am using v5.0.0beta16 and I have found that it keeps a wakelock and prevents the system from ever entering deep sleep while tracking, even if GPS is set to something long like 2 minutes, which means my phone battery goes flat too quickly. I have tested with other GPS logging software (GPSLogger for example), and they allow the phone to enter deep sleep between GPS polling. This, of course, saves lots of battery.

You can see screenshots here of BetterBatteryStats and CPUSpy running on my Galaxy Note, while Oruxmaps was tracking set to GPS 2 minutes, distance 20 metres. The phone was stationery at the time and acquired a GPS fix quickly every 2 minutes.

Unfortunately this makes it difficult to use Oruxmaps for long distance tracking, such as hiking, as the phone goes flat too quickly. If this could be fixed and Oruxmaps made to work in a power efficient way while tracking, this would be truly excellent!