Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I hope you, and your loved ones, have a wonderful Christmas, and a fantastic New Year. Or vice versa!

Not much has changed here. I’m still living in Brisbane, now working as a contractor for a small start-up creative digital agency. Basically, I build websites. It’s a bit less stressful than my previous job keeping helicopters from hitting each other in the Gulf of Mexico while BP decided to spill lots of oil everywhere, but I’ve found that I’m actually working longer hours than I have before now that I’m a contractor, and as my work struggles to get its feet off the ground, so I think my New Year’s Resolution is to fix that work/life balance. Anyway, enough about work!

I’m about to head off to the Woodford Folk Festival for a week, where I volunteer as a supervisor in their festival shop. The weather looks to be hot, so I may melt. Earlier in the year Bronwen and I went to New Zealand, hired a car and drove around the North Island. It was a lot of fun. We’ve also been planning to go to America, Canada and South America… though it keeps getting postponed… we’ll get there eventually!

Lots of love,
Ned & Bronwen

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