I bought a Black Rapid camera strap, and while the strap itself seems to be of good quality, the metal hook and swivel is cheap and rubbish.

I don’t know if I use my camera more than normal people or something, but the metal hook wears out, especially where it swivels—I’ve had to replace it myself with third party hooks, which is quite annoying as it requires un-sewing the strap and then sewing it up again.

I’ve also had to put some rubber tubing over the hook as the FastenR (for Manfrotto plate) eats out the cheap, soft metal of the hook.

It’s a shame because the rest of the strap seems to be strong and lasting well. It’s just let down by the cheap hook and swivel.

As can be seen from the photos below, the swivel has worn to the point that it was about to fail.