Small fire on second floor balcony.


13:28 I called 112 and advised fire department of fire. Shortly later the ambulance service rang back. This call failed and eventually dropped out. Shortly after I received another call from the ambulance service, asking if anyone was in the building. I was unable to confirm if there was but advised I did not think there was.

13:35 Two fire engines arrive.

13:37 Ambulance arrives.

13:45 Energex arrive.

14:00 Fire is put out, everyone leaves.


As can be seen below, there is a gas bottle that looks to be attached to what appears to be burning plastic. The flames were lots bigger than in this photo (they went about halfway up the wall and were touching on the black thing at the back, I think it’s a BBQ), but obviously this is a small fire.

There appeared to be lots of burning fat or oil, making the fire difficult for the firemen to put out. They could not use water, and the security grille, uneven ground, and height, made it difficult to access.


Two fire trucks arrived.


And an ambulance and Channel 7 and later, Energex.


Me standing around waiting for the fire to go out…