The Lift — Ned Martin’s Amused

The Lift

Man and woman standing outside elevator door

Man (to woman): “which floor?”. Woman replies “second please”

Woman (to man): “I am a blood donor. I’m doing a good deed and I even get a profit for it. They pay me 20 bucks for each donation!”

Man (to woman): “I’m going to the fourth floor. I’m a donor too. At the sperm bank.”

Man (to woman): “But my profit is much better! They give me 200 bucks a donation”

A few months later… (Crowd standing outside elevator door)

Man ( standing outside elevator surrounded by crowd, notices the woman): “Hey it’s you! How are you doing?”

Man (to woman): “Second floor as usual?”

Woman (to man) holds up up four fingers with a very full mouth.