Tuesday 6th October – Garden City

Coronavirus Lockdown Day 198

1,160 cases: 0 new, 7 active.


After working from home for the day, Bronwen and I drove down to Garden City so I could buy some more cheap t-shirts.

Bronwen shopping at Mt Gravatt

Wednesday 7th October – Mt Gravatt

Coronavirus Lockdown Day 199

1,160 cases: 0 new, 7 active.

Mt Gravatt

We worked from home, and went for a walk up Mt Gravatt in the evening.

Thursday 8th October – Non-closing Doors

Coronavirus Lockdown Day 200

1,160 cases: 0 new, 4 active.


Yet another day of working from home—though Bronwen and I drove into her commercial property at lunchtime to have a look at a door they’d complained wasn’t closing.

Friday 9th October – Home

Coronavirus Lockdown Day 201

1,160 cases: 0 new, 4 active. Meanwhile, the WHO reports the largest one-day rise in global coronavirus cases.


Working from home.

Saturday 10th October – Kabul Charcoal Restaurant

Coronavirus Lockdown Day 202

1,161 cases: 1 new (acquired overseas, detected in hotel quarantine), 4 active.

Kabul Charcoal Restaurant

Bronwen and I drove into Milton and met Bronwen’s parents at the Kabul Charcoal Restaurant, where we had a dinner for Bronwen’s Mum’s birthday.

After dinner we drove back to Bronwen’s parents’ place, then walked down to a new ice cream place for dessert.