Tuesday 2nd February – Pizza & Stuff


Home and stuff.


Pizza and stuff.

Wednesday 3rd February – Sick

Sore Throat

I awoke with a slight sore throat.


I had Nandos for lunch with Maz.


My sore throat got worse and I was starting to feel sick by the afternoon.

I went for a walk up the mountain, but had to run back due to imminent rain and thunder. I got caught in a bit of rain but got home before the worst of it. It made me feel more sick.

Thursday 4th February – Apple Pie


I woke still sick—just a generic sore throat it seems, though apparently there’s been a recall on some salad I may have eaten due to salmonella, so perhaps I’m dying.

I spent all day working to get this project across the line, in case I should die.


Bronwen and I had leftover curry for dinner, followed by an apple pie.