Tuesday 28th January – Queensland’s First Coronavirus Case

Coronavirus Queensland

First confirmed case: A 44-year-old man from a group of Chinese nationals from Wuhan who arrived on the Gold Coast on a Tigerair flight via Melbourne and Singapore yesterday is put into isolation at Gold Coast University Hospital. Queensland Health tells people returning from Hubei province to self-isolate for 14 days. The Chinese women’s soccer team is quarantined in a Brisbane hotel. Brisbane boarding school Stuartholme at Toowong also quarantines 10 students returning from China.


Bronwen and I worked from home. We went grocery shopping at night.

Wednesday 29th January – Burrito Bar

Coronavirus Queensland

The Queensland Government declares a public health emergency.


I spent the day at home.

Burrito Bar Rosalie

I drove into Bronwen’s work, and from there Bronwen and I drove to her parents’ place, and then on to Maz’s, and then on to the Burrito Bar in Rosalie for dinner, before heading back to Maz’s again, and then home to sleep.

Thursday 30th January – Measles

Coronavirus Queensland

Two cases are now reported in Queensland after a 42-year-old woman tested positive. The World Health Organisation (WHO) declares the outbreak of COVID-19 a public health emergency of international concern.


I had a morning doctor’s appointment to get a follow-up measles shot.


I went grocery shopping in the afternoon.

Friday 31st January – Dominos Pizza

Coronavirus Queensland

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk accuses the Federal Government of withholding information about the whereabouts of people who may have coronavirus.


I spent a quiet day at home.

Dominos Pizza

Bronwen and I had Dominos pizza for dinner.

Saturday 1st February 2020 – Home

Coronavirus Queensland

The Queensland Government begins contacting 3,760 school students who recently returned from China, including Hong Kong, telling them to stay away from school for two weeks.

Australia announces tough new restrictions on air passenger arrivals from China, denying entry to anyone who has left or transited through mainland China from February 1.


I had a quiet day at home, going for a walk to the nearby Coles Express for milk at night.