Sunday 6th March – Suitcase Rummage, Slacklining & Acro

Suitcase Rummage

After a quiet morning at home, Bronwen and I drove into town and had a look at the suitcase rummage at Reddacliff Place. Bronwen bought five things for five dollars.

Handmade at Suitcase RummageSuitcase RummageBronwen tries on a dressCheap Jews at Suitcase RummageShoes at Suitcase RummageThat looks great on you!Making things at Suitcase RummageRelaxing at Suitcase RummageA stall at Suitcase Rummage

Slacklining & Acro at New Farm Park

After Suitcase Rummage we headed down to New Farm Park to eat some chips while being entertained by the almost certain death of one of the performers. Sadly, not only did no one die despite everyone’s best efforts, but ants got into our chips.

Dom has a thing for feetDom unsure what to do after being surprised to find someone on his head

Robbie’s Guide to Seducing People

Step 1: Thrust groin as high as possibleStep 2: Act casual, even when about to break neck and dieStep 3: Look coolStep 4: Ignore this stepStep 5: Onlookers have now been seduced

Dom’s Guide to Seducing People

Step 1: Spread legs and lie on mat

Robbie & Ollie’s Guide to Dying

Lie on enemy until enemy diesRun very fast at thingsRobbie & Ollie showing off their natural good looksDiscover several laws of physics all of a suddenFly as fast as you can directly at each otherEat the remainder of our chips covered in ants