Sunday 25th October – Brisbane Zombie Festival 2009

I go to Brisbane Zombie Festival 2009, followed by the Valley Fiesta.

The zombie horde invades the cityPolice are unsure what to doPolice have no choice but to let the horde continueZombie JesusStop!Zombies swarm towards The ValleyVB zombieHand-chewing zombieDomestic bliss zombiesWasn’t quite dressed zombieZombie cyclistZombies were people too!Zombie Liberation FrontZombie makeupZombie teethNot really zombiesZombies enjoying a bite to eatZombie with a headacheZombie nursesZombie with a parasolZombie wants a kissZombie with a parasolA sore kneeZombie librarianZombie babyZombie with a hairstyleTired after a hard day fighting zombiesHe is a little hotHow to teach your child about lifeThe zombie chefsThe zombie chefsThe zombie chefsBlood splattersZombie librarianZombie can smell MaccasZombies enjoying a bite to eatUnsure why he is surrounded by zombiesRather confusingPolice are pleased there wasn’t a larger catastropheSampology at the Valley Fiesta