Sunday 25th May – Brisbane Zombie Walk 2008

I photograph Brisbane Zombie Walk. Stella, Grace and Jamie are zombies. Jamie stays the night. Curry at night with Bronwen, Grace, Stella, Jamie.

Preparing to become zombiesStella practicing her scary faceStella preparing to act deadJamie, Grace & Stella all zombie in da hoodThe zombies wait patiently for the little red man to go greenZombies pour into the citySpray paint zombieMachine gun zombieFor those who prefer their brains with a nice glass of bloodZombies peruse Louis VuittonStella & GraceZombies attack a passing motoristZombie JesusZombiesStill with her morgue certificateRoadkill zombieDental hygiene zombieZombiesShe probably has a sore neck nowZombiesMusical zombieGreen zombieEdible zombieCaution: Zombie outbreak zoneZombies block trafficZombies attack a passing busZombies try their luck at hitchhikingStella confusing scary for cuteGrace biting JamieStella amazed that Grace actually bit JamieGraceClassy zombieThe zombies gather at the end of their walkA severed headZombie medico meets living paramedicZombies and paramedics tend to the woundedA real-life zombie nurseZombie birthHe’s forkedSticky boobsOne of the weaponsA real-life emergency occursAn interesting mix of zombies and the living attend to the injured