Sunday 25th July – Nandos


I slept in too much, and now I feel crappy.


Bronwen and I drove to Nandos, via Maz’s, for lunch. We then drove back to my place, via Woolies, for coffee.


It has been raining a little, on and off, and is still very overcast and quite cold—but nonetheless, Bronwen and I are going for a walk. Oh, now it’s raining… so we’re going to the confectionary warehouse instead.


After our trip to the confectionary warehouse, Bronwen and I had leftover curry for dinner, drove to her parents’ place to pick up some things, then went to bed.


I got woken by a work issue, and had to drive to work.


I drove home from work, and went to bed—again.

Monday 26th July – Hungry Jacks


I drove to work, via dropping Bronwen off at her work. A lot of people were away sick, and most of the rest were either new or inducing the new, which made it quite busy for me.


I had two people come look at my rooms, then drove over to Maz’s. We had Hungry Jack’s and KFC’s for dinner, went for a walk, and procrastinated.

Tuesday 27th July – Amy-Jean & Blaise

Blaise & Amy FacebookingDay

I worked. Who’d have thought?


I’m feeling a bit… I’m not sure what the word is really, discontented with the daily grind? Unfulfilled? Dissatisfied with what everyone else seems so adamant is what life is. So, I’ll go get pizza, and tomorrow, go to work. Or… should I just drive… drive… and keep driving? But then… where would the money come from? Sigh.


Not being at all prepared, Amy-Jean and Blaise turned up just as I got a call from the emergency call centre in the US, so Bronwen—who was just wearing a not-so-tied-up nightgown—showed them around while I chatted to Americans about technical issues, then had a chat to the girls, who impersonated various animals for me, before heading off to visit a friend, and I headed up to Bronwen’s parents’ place.

To further complicate matters, Kara turned up not long after my new flatmates had left.


Work issues in America are keeping me up. I’ve also given the rooms to Amy and Blaise, who are on their way here to pick up some keys now.


Keys handed over, so technically I now have new flatmates! And work issues, while not fixed, are hopefully going to be stable throughout the US day, letting me get some sleep.

Wednesday 28th July – A Coffee Table

The new coffee tableDay

It’s been raining on and off.


Strangely, nothing appears to have gone terribly wrong with work yet. I picked up Bronwen from her work on my way home, and after some home relaxation, we drove up to Woollies, where I found an ad for a coffee table on a noticeboard, so drove to a nearby house and bought a fairly large, and quite sturdy, coffee table—which I think may be silky oak, though I’m not a wooden expert—for $5, and the world’s heaviest 17” LCD monitor, complete with the world’s biggest height-adjustable monitor stand, and some free bonus Harmon Kardon desktop speakers and empty CD cases, also for $5. Bargains, I think.

In other news, it’s still raining, and I’m expecting my flatmates to turn up soon.

Later Night

Well, my flatmates turned up, just before I got a call stateside, with bad things failing again. Lots to do, lots to stress about, and no sleep to be had. Oh, and Blaise was wearing mostly just lingerie… having come straight from modelling it. It’s shaping up to be one of those kind of nights.

Even Later Night

Maz walked over, through the rain with three quarters of an umbrella. Bronwen went to bed, I worked, walked to the IGA with Maz, worked some more, walked back to Maz’s place, walked home, and worked some more.


Two o’clock and still receiving calls from the states.


Off to bed.

Thursday 29th July – Bruises


I woke up late and rushed to work, which I think is excusable, given the time I went to bed—because of work.

Bronwen was offered a new job, and fell off her bike, and suffered some kind of bruise/swelling, and phoned me up and scared me, and called an ambulance, and had to go to the doctors, and have x-rays, and it was quite a stressful day.


I drove home, lazed about for a while, and then drove up to Bronwen’s parents’ place, got Bronwen, and drove back here, where we had dinner.


I met Maz nearby and we went for a walk to the IGA, down to the Go-Between Bridge, then back to the 7-11, then back to my place, which was quite a reasonable walk. When I got home, sometime around one o’clock, I found my flatmates—well, the Amy half of them at least—in the process of moving things into their rooms.


The other half of my flatmates—and her partner—arrived. It also appears to have got somewhat late, and I think I should go to bed.