Sunday 24th January – Roma Street Parklands


After a quiet morning at home and with me feeling very sleepy after getting almost no sleep last night, Bronwen and I drove to the city, had a wander through Roma Street Parklands where there was a cosplay meet and a group of people playing some interesting party games (a sort of relay race with bags on their heads, and trying to make the longest line out of things).

It was incredibly hot, so we headed to a 7-11 and bought two slurpees (they had a two-for-one deal) and then had sushi for lunch in the city, before heading to New Farm park, buying a few things from the Coles there (which is, as far as I know, the only Coles in QLD that is open until 9 PM on a Sunday), and then driving out to Maz’s.


Bronwen, Maz and I drove to Nandos for dinner, and ended up staying at Maz’s until late.

I discovered the stairway to knowledge, however there is a catch—you must look for trainsInterestingly, the stairway to knowledge led to some training samuraiI also discovered the source of all beesTomatoes grow a lot larger once you have the knowledgeBronwen admires meOnce you have the knowledge you learn to trust others…Or you are abducted. It is difficult to tell the difference sometimes.Once you have the knowledge you realise you no longer need your earthly possessions and you use them to build a long lineBut sadly, no amount of knowledge can protect you from swooping birds, so we had to leaveAfter leaving the parklands, we discovered that most people think coffee is the source of all knowledge

Monday 25th January – At Home


I had a quiet day at home.