Sunday 1st March

Someone has bought the iPhone for $850. Unfortunately, despite the auction being blatantly clear that it was to be posted to Australia only, he lives in Thailand. I'm not sure if I should post it to him anyway, or tell him that I'll post it anywhere he wants in Australia.

Monday 2nd March


I didn't feel very fantastic, so called in sick. I then slept until just before midday, when I woke to find it was extremely hot.


I managed to get Exchange working, by creating a new certificate. I now have Exchange 2007 installed as a virtual machine in Hyper-V under Windows Server 2008, in a single-server install (without using ISA). It appears to work, and should be as secure as an ISA-protected install as I'm only forwarding a single port to the machine.


I walked to the post office to find out what it would cost to post an iPhone to Thailand, then headed over to Maz's, and we got dinner from Chez Tessa.


Driving home from Maz's, I stopped at the servo, which was partially shut down by police. There were two ambulances and around ten police cars there, setting up a temporary headquarters and using the bonnet of one of them as a whiteboard. Sir Fred Schonell Drive was shut from the start of it to Ryan's Road, and all the roads leading onto it were also blocked. I drove around seeing if I could find out anything, but the police wouldn't tell me anything and there wasn't any way to get anywhere near whatever was happening, so I went home.

Tuesday 3rd March


I headed to work early, and worked all day, leaving late.


Bronwen came around and we were going to get pizza, it being cheap pizza Tuesday, but when it came down to it, we didn't fee like pizza so walked to Bronwen's parent's place instead. I walked home, got very hot, showered, drove to Maz's, chatted, and stayed up too late.

Wednesday 4th March


Back to work again.


Drove down to Bronwen's, and am now off to bed before midnight for a rare change—I really am quite tired.

Thursday 5th March, Friday 6th March


Saturday 7th March


I drove out to Bronwen's and then on to Maz's.


Maz, Bronwen and I drove out to Pittsworth and went to the Pittsworth show.

Sunday 8th March - Watchmen


Bronwen and I watched "Watchmen" at South Bank. I wasn't that impressed. Everyone else seems to be.

Monday 9th March


Dropped Bronwen off at her parent's place, and drove to Maz's, having dinner at Chez Tessa.

Tuesday 10th March


Bronwen and I bought Eagle Boys pizza and ate it at Maz's.

Wednesday 11th March


I picked Bronwen up from the city on my way home and we applied for volunteer positions at The Dreaming festival.


I went over to Maz's, and we had KFC and Hungry Jack's for dinner. I had planned to get to bed by ten, but somehow it was later than that when I did.

Thursday 12th March


I managed to get up on time, and got to work only a little late. I am trying to buy a Dell E6500 laptop for 50% off via work.


Maz and I made nachos, ate nachos, watched TV, and visited Kieran. I nearly managed to get to bed before midnight, but then found that my Exchange server was rejecting email over 10 MB, so fixed that, and it ended up late again.

Friday 13th March - New Laptop


I drove to work, and worked. I also bought a $4744 Dell E6500 laptop for $2372 under a 50% off deal through work. In theory, it'll arrive in the next seven to ten days… I am excited.


Picked Bronwen up from work. Drove to her parent's place. Drove to Kieran's. Stayed up late.

Saturday 14th March


Woke up. Can't believe I slept in this long. Lazed about doing very little.


Picked Bronwen up from her parent's place, drove to uni, met lots of scary looking people attending some heavy metal bands at the Second Degree (formerly the Red Room). Went for a walk. Had dinner at Halim's Indian Taj. Drove Bronwen home. Bought petrol for $1.09, and it's $1.12 at Maz's, where I then drove.


Went to bed.

Sunday 15th March


My alarm went off, waking me, and I actually got up. Significantly better than yesterday's 2:30 getting up.


Maz and I drove to Kieran's, then walked to Indooroopilly, where I bought curry ingredients. We spent some time at Kieran's, then I drove home and put a curry on, took some left over curry back up to Kieran's, had dinner there, stayed late, and went home to cook some rice and pack my curry into the freezer. I also flashed my phone with EnergyROM 1.6—which, so far, seems to be better than 1.5. It would be nice if everything magically worked.

Monday 16th March


Working. Quite tired.


Went and saw Maz. Got dinner from Chez Tessa with Maz and his flatmate. Drove Bronwen home after.

Tuesday 17th March


Working. A bit tired. My laptop is apparently with customs. I'm not sure if that means Australian customs, or leaving whatever country it's coming from.


I am going to bed at, or before, midnight, so as not to be tired tomorrow.


Apparently have not gone to bed. Going now. Very dumb. Must correct foolish and illogical aberration.

Wednesday 18th March, Thursday 19th March

Nothing worth reporting.

Friday 20th March




I picked Bronwen up from work and we drove to Maz's, then on to Hungry Jack's, where we had dinner.

Saturday 21st March


I drove out to Bronwen's via a bakery breakfast, where I inadvertently visited three bakeries to buy a single apple and cinnamon scroll and an iced coffee.


Maz and I, somewhat ironically given this morning, drove to a bakery for lunch, then on to Officeworks where I bought a Bluetooth mouse, then back to his place. I'm slowly setting up things on my laptop the way I like them.

Sunday 22nd March - Stradbroke Island


Maz woke me up by calling me. I rushed to Maz's, as fast as one can rush when the police have shut down most of the roads for the Great Brisbane Bike Ride. After several million bicycles had gone past, the person in the lane beside me and I managed to do a four thousand point turn and go back the way we'd come, only to find most of the surrounding roads also shut. I ended up driving the wrong way up the wrong side of the road (the right side being full of cyclists). Fortunately the police didn't seem to mind.


Eventually arriving at Maz's, we drove to the Stradbroke Ferry, via getting lost and having to use TomTom to get back on track. The ferry journey was uneventful, and we walked around the beaches for a while, going for a swim, getting sandy, salty and sunburnt. Most of the beaches were closed due to adverse weather and extremely strong winds. The waves were quite large and bouncy. I got a leg cramp falling into an underwater hole. It sprinkled for a few moments a few times, but was hot and sunny otherwise, right up until we got onto the ferry to go home, at which point it poured down.


I went and got Bronwen, and Maz, Bronwen and I had take-away Thai food from My Thai. I dropped Bronwen home later.

Monday 23rd March


Work, work, work.


I drove to Bronwen's, chatted for a while, then drove back to Maz's, with iced coffee. On the way back to Maz's, I had a police car suddenly merge in front of me from a side entry. I was doing 105 km/h in a 60 zone. Another police car merged in behind me, just as I hit the brakes to avoid hitting the police car that had merged in front. The police car behind me quickly merged into the lane beside me, then—finding it full of another car, doing the speed limit—merged back in front of me, narrowly missing me and the other car, all at 105 km/h. Then I drove home, my heart beating a little faster than usual, and onto Maz's, via the IGA for iced coffee.

Tuesday 24th March - Saturday 28th March

Lost in the mists of time.

Sunday 29th March - Rejects Outing

Nerds at Peking Duck

Bronwen and I drove out to Peking Duck, to meet a group of people from Raymond's #rejects IRC channel, then go bowling.

Monday 30th March, Tuesday 31st March

Ending the month on an unknown note.