Sunday 11th October – Sculpture by the River

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Toowong Cemetery: An Afternoon with the Dead

After sleeping in too late to go anywhere far away, Bronwen and I decided to drive to Toowong Cemetery where there was supposed to be a small gathering of goths (I’m not sure what the correct term is for gathering of goths—a depression of goths?) for their “Afternoon With The Dead II” event—a picnic and photography were supposedly planned, but by the time we’d managed to get ready and drop past our supermarkets to buy some food for our picnic, it was quite late and we couldn’t find anyone. Somewhat disappointed, we still took a few photos of the cemetery, and ate some cake.

Sculpture by the River

After taking some photos at Toowong Cemetery, Bronwen and I drove out to Hamilton, where we just managed to catch the end of the indoor part of “Sculpture by the River”—people were literally just starting to pack up their purchased sculptures as we walked in, but only a few had been packed up. By the time we walked out, they were nearly all gone.

We then went for a walk through the outdoor part of “Sculpture by the River”—conveniently finishing looking at the sculptures just as it got dark.

Sculpture by the River, Hamilton, Brisbane Sculpture by the River, Hamilton, Brisbane The Remora / Ian Manley / $25,000 A Ship Landed / Hermann Schraut / $16,000 Mangrove Spirit / Antone Bruinsma / $9,000 Fringedweller / Antone Bruinsma / $30,000 Boys / Phillip Perides / $35,000 A North Shore Encounter / Leeanne Elms / $4,500 Mr Percival / Peter Steller / $8,000 Superegg / Jaco Roeloffs / $POA Landmarks / Carmel Marsden / $5,500 The Night Hunter / Mela Cooke / $10,500 Layers of Time / Susan Margaret / N/A Northshore Passage of Time / Andrea Brookfield / $3,600 Crack the Code / Ros Haydon / $1,500 The Line Boat / Peter Denison / $2,500 Marina Obelisk / Hermann Schraut / $7,000 Scoot / Mela Cooke / $18,500 A Walk in the Park / Peter Steller / $8,000 Elemental Threads / Russell Solomon / $2,700 Crane Dance / Frederick Beel / $1,800 Northshore Aphrodite / Puggy Booth / $5,390 Wings of Dreams / Peter Steller / $10,000 The Reflection / Birgit Grapentin / $6,500 Dingo Pups / Mela Cooke / $12,800 Hamilton Sailing / Julie Donaldson / $2,500 A Determined Heart / Carmel Marsden / $5,500 Percy / Colleen Lavender / $16,500 Brisbane from Hamilton Bronwen having difficulty with doors


After we’d finished looking at the sculptures we drove home—via New Farm Coles as it was after 6 PM and as far as I’m aware that’s the only Coles in Brisbane open later than 6PM on a Sunday.