Saturday 30th July – Hogswatch in July, Acro at Davies Park & Climbing at Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Hogswatch in July

I drove to Hogswatch in July at Dutton Park school. It seemed smaller, and more oriented to children, than previous years. I didn’t stay long.

A hog cakeGingerbread, but not as you know itNot a wizardDefinitely not a wizardI believe this makes sense to those who understandAn important personMany books

Acro at Davies Park

I left Hogswatch in July before the Hogfather had arrived, and continued on to Acro at Davies Park, where I met Bronwen and took photos of upside down people.

Upside-downMore upside-downBronwen upside-downUpside-down seems to be what you doAnd of course, upside-downDom practising his sleazy faceDom practising his cool faceBronwen, upside-down of courseYou guessed it: Bronwen upside-downBronwen, amazingly not upside-downUpside-down, but this time with only one leg…and everyone is upside down. Unsure if rolling on floor laughing, or too much red cordial

Climbing at Kangaroo Point Cliffs

After acro, and as it began to get dark, I drove—via the South Brisbane IGA for some chips—to Kangaroo Point Cliffs where the acro people had moved to and were now climbing. Josh and Sophia had come up from the Gold Coast and everyone had a BBQ.

Bronwen climbingThe BBQ underwayTegan pretending she’s ok Tegan showing her happinessEveryone waiting for Tegan to fall offTegan climbing Kangaroo Point for the first timeTegan survivesJumping boldlyA cuddle puddle, which, unlike a normal puddle, should not be wet

Sunday 31st July – Slackline & Acro at New Farm Park

Brisbane’s Biggest Clothing Garage Sale

Bronwen and I drove to Bronwen’s parents’ place, as Bronwen had left her wallet and keys there. We then drove down to the nearby Woolworths and had a look at what was billed as “Brisbane’s Biggest Clothing Garage Sale”—but which I strongly suspect was not.

Brisbane’s Biggest Clothing Garage SaleGrandpa’s ClothesThe petrol bowsersPetrol bowser clothes racks

Lunch from No No’s

After that we bought felafel rolls from No No’s because Bronwen has always wanted to do that for some reason, drove and parked at the ALDI in Newstead, and walked to The Gasworks, where we ate our felafel rolls.

Bronwen at The Gasworks

James Street Food & Wine Trail

After finishing off our lunch we walked up to James Street, which was having its “James Street Food & Wine Trail”. We wandered around for a bit, had some free tea, and then walked back to the car and drove down to New Farm Park.

James Street Food & Wine TrailBronwen with some Bronwen-sized bottlesJames Street Food & Wine Trail

Slackline & Acro at New Farm Park

We arrived early for a rare change—only two people were there when we got to the park. However, people began to arrive fairly soon after we did, and it ended up quite busy. It was nice weather too, until late in the evening when a wind sprung up and it was quite cold.

Leapfrog!Dom explaining “graceful”Flying through the airDom obeying Taylah’s pants and catching herTegan ignoring gravityBronwen practices clappingBronwan walking with a man on her head, except upside-downHow many slackliners does it take to change a lightbulb?Webb: “I feel pretty!” —  Dom: “You feel heavy”A rather complicated kind of secret handshake“Bronwen and the excessively complicated rowing machine”“Bronwen and the excessively complicated rowing machine”Bronwen catching falling womenA woman ploughs into two men in a parkA strange way to relax in a parkDom teaching Taylah a lesson for wearing “catch me if you can” pantsDom teaching Taylah a lesson for wearing “catch me if you can” pantsKing Jim receives yet another flattering SMSI assume this is some kind of attempt at communicating, but I am not sure what it means?I assume this is some kind of attempt at communicating, but I am not sure what it means?Taylah showing offA happy starTaylah hoopsBronwen finds herself trapped between two strange womenTaylah showing who is bossDom walks a fine line while picking up chicksDom walks a fine line while picking up chicksBen landingBen comes in for landingBen pretending he’s supermanBen falls from heaven, straight into Ollie’s armsDom holds Ollie closeFire twirling with tamed electricity!Ollie poses beautifully but Ben & Dom get in the wayFire twirling with tamed electricity!Fire twirling with tamed electricity!Fire twirling with tamed electricity!Ben is very happy with himself


Bronwen and I continued the classy atmosphere of the James Street Food & Wine Festival by having two minute noodles for dinner at home while watching Stargate.