Saturday 27th November – Robowars


I slept in, and then woke up. Fascinating, no?

Later Morning

I gave my new flatmates keys, then went to Toowong to buy a few things, including breakfast.


Bronwen and I went to Robowars, and watched robots violently smash other robots. And when I say violently, I mean violently. Their cage was broken at one stage, and it was quite scary. We also bumped into Fiona, from Woodford Festival Shop fame. After that, we had a late lunch at Vapianos.

When I grow up, I want to be a serif…

The robot goes in for an attack……and rips the heart out of the larger robot.

Scorpion robot with wheels……Scorpion robot without wheels.

The high-speed whizzer comes in for an attack……they fight……and the whizzer is no more.

Flipper flips white chomper…White chomper attacks flipper…

At rest……then fight!

Fury, furious……and fury, flying.

Agressor & Hellcat whirrrrrrr……and CLUNK!

Agressor chomping away solidly at Grinder.

Grrr… grrr… grrr…

Antweight robots fighting. Note the smoke…Fire breathing robot versus flipping robot.

The winning robot attacking.Robot birthplace.Spin-chomp robot.Flipping robot.The winning robot smashing things. Note people recoiling as things fly towards them…Drilling robot.


She and I drove to West End, I for a milkshake and mint chocolate fudge, she for a kebab. We then did some last minute cleaning and packing, and went to bed.