Saturday 20th February – Waterlining


I drove in to Kangaroo Point, and walked down to the river where the slacklining crew were planning to set up a waterline—however in the setup process they managed to break everything (doing around $600 damage to their equipment apparently) and then spent the next couple of hours figuring out how to de-rig their broken—but still highly tensioned—line without killing themselves. It was unfortunate timing as the waterline had already been postponed several times due to bad weather, and a “youtube video crew” had come down to film it.

Stand-up paddleboarders in the Brisbane RiverScary animals in the Brisbane River mudMore scary animals in the Brisbane River mudScary animal stand-offDom looking for bull sharksOptimistically setting up their waterlineTrying to figure out how to take down their broken waterlineA drone looks onTrying to take down their broken waterlineTrying very hard to take down their broken waterline

Vigil for Baby Asha

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