Saturday 1 November – Hip-Hop & Large Televisions


I went to Maz’s, then into the city to watch a school hip-hop competition at Riverstage, meeting Bronwen there and heading back to Maz’s again afterwards to see his new big 42” LCD TV.

Sunday 2 November – Sleeping, Eating & Staying Up Late


I slept in until the afternoon.


Bronwen dropped past for a while.


I caught a bus and walked to Maz’s, having a veggie burger from Hungry Jack’s for dinner. Maz was fixing his media centre. I stayed until late, and it is now 2:30 AM.

Monday 3 November – Rock’n’Rolla


Watched Rock’n’Rolla at South Bank with Bronwen before eating Chinese food for dinner. It’s now half past midnight, and time for bed.

Tuesday 4 November – Death Race


Maz, Grace, Stella and I caught a bus to South Bank and saw “Death Race”. It wasn’t very good. Maz and I walked to the city and caught a bus to Toowong, and walked to Maz’s place, where we watched Top Gear, before I walked home, and now it’s 1:30 AM.


Somehow it got really late. Was playing around installing plug-ins on the Media Centre. MediaBrowser is a great plug-in for Vista Media Centre.

Wednesday 5 November – Ghandi & Biryanis


I arrived at work a little late, from sleeping in.


Bronwen and I went to the DVD store and got out Gandhi, had a delightful biryani from Halim’s, and watched Gandhi here at home.


Off to bed.

Thursday 6 November – Nachos


Went straight to Maz’s from work, then on to Indooroopilly, getting nachos for dinner with Kieran. I bought a few things for the kayaking trip on the weekend, spent some time at Maz’s, picked up my new Bluetooth GPS from Maz’s, and walked home.