Saturday 18th February – Coomera Circuit, Lamington National Park


Bronwen and I got up earlier than we’d have liked—me waking with a sore throat—and shortly after Clint arrived and drove us down to Binna Burra, where we went for a twenty or so kilometre walk along the Coomera Circuit, and up to a nearby lookout, in Lamington National Park. Bronwen managed to bring two cans which didn’t have pull-tops, but no can-opener or cutlery. Fortunately she also brought left over spanakopita, so we survived. It was quite humid despite the shade, though the water was its usual icy clear self. Overall, it was a lovely walk—and there were far fewer leeches than ever before.


After our walk Clint drove us home, complaining about the backwards nature of a state where Coles shuts at six. I had a quiet night feeling sick.

Coomera Circuit, Binna Burra, Lamington National Park

Sunday 19th February – Pancakes


After a nice sleep-in, I awoke to find that I still have a sore throat, and don’t feel fantastic at all.


As Bronwen was cleaning, and Maz was hungry, I drove over to Maz’s, and we went to Pancake Manor.


I had a reasonably early night—at least by my standards—in an attempt to recover.