Saturday 11th October – Brisbane Open House & West End Festival


I’d meant to get up early and rush to Brisbane Open House open houses, but instead I got up late and rushed to open houses.


Our first one was QPAC—and unfortunately we were so late we were on the very last group, and by that time matinees had started setting up, which limited some of the areas we could go to. Nevertheless, we got to see some interesting backstage stuff. I was impressed with the fly towers.

Bronwen in the loading dock at QPAC The fly tower ropes The fly tower ropes looking up into the fly tower

Roma Street Fire Station

After QPAC we walked to the Roma Street Fire Station, because Bronwen insisted we must go. Bronwen quite enjoyed it.

Roma St is one of only a couple of fire stations which still have a fire pole The jaws of life A ladder truck

Law Courts

Then we headed down to the Law Courts, where we learnt all about how they work, before walking to Queen Street Mall and having lunch at Vege Rama.

Bronwen in court A jury room

Masonic Temple

After lunch we walked to the Masonic Temple, which Bronwen again greatly enjoyed—and spent hours talking to the scary masonic people. Unsurprisingly, I suppose, it didn’t seem very scary—though it did seem rather strange, like a religion with no stated aim. I couldn’t help thinking that there must be some point to it, but that the point must be a secret… we were one of the last people to leave.

The great hall in the Masonic Temple The great hall in the Masonic Temple The great hall in the Masonic Temple A scarier room in the Masonic Temple Now this looks more like what you’d expect… Probably where they perform their secret rites The Masonic Temple Bronwen in a hall in the Masonic Temple

Cubby houses in the city


Having survived the masonic temple we made our way to the West End Festival, where we stayed until late. There was a great variety of music.

West End Festival West End Festival West End Festival Bronwen stuck inside a train West End Festival West End Festival West End Festival

Sunday 12th October – Brisbane Open House & Brisbane Kite Festival

The Port of Brisbane

Bronwen and I drove out to The Port of Brisbane, where we went on a tour. Unfortunately, because we’re lazy, it was nearly midday by the time we got there, and we had to wait until ten to one for the last tour of the day (though they did end up running one more after that, because a lot of people turned up). Fortunately though we had an interesting chat to the planning manager in the rooftop café, which filled in the time quite well.

After the bus tour we did a little drive tour ourselves to take some photos, but got yelled at by a security guard with a megaphone.

View over the Port of Brisbane, from the top of their office Fancy environmental closing roof A large dredge offloading sand for the new runway Australian-designed shipping container robots The new foreign competition A ship loading coal

Brisbane Kite Festival

We then drove to the Brisbane Kite Festival at Murarrie Recreation Ground. There were lots of kites. It was cool.

Brisbane Kite Festival Brisbane Kite Festival Bugs at Brisbane Kite Festival Brisbane Kite Festival Brisbane Kite Festival There really were a lot of kites Brisbane Kite Festival Kites everywhere Brisbane Kite Festival Brisbane Kite Festival I went a bit crazy with the panoramas Brisbane Kite Festival Brisbane Kite Festival Brisbane Kite Festival

Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital

After the kites we drove to the new Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, which had very professional tours—they’d paid an event organisation to help run them by the looks. The hospital looks very expensive—I sincerely hope it’s not pointlessly expensive, and is actually well designed, but I have my doubts.

Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital A nice view from the windows Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital


After our hospital tour finished we drove up to Bronwen’s parents’ place, and found out they’d had a good day looking at open houses too—they’d climbed on St Stephen’s Cathedral’s roof and rung its bells, which looked pretty cool.

We had Kookaburra’s pizza for dinner with them and discussed The Beatles, Ebola and Bluetooth.