Monday 3rd January – Stony Creek

Bronwen taking photographs from our picnic area at College’s CrossingMorning

A leaf, a water droplet, and some gravelBronwen and I drove back up to Woodford, where we collected Bronwen’s left-behind purse. We then drove to Stony Creek where we had a nice, albeit very cold, swim.

A wide-angle distortion of Bronwen and her “long lens”


The swollen Brisbane River at College’s CrossingAfter our swim, we drove to the IGA in Woodford, bought some cans of soup and bread, drove to a nearby park, and ate them.


Scenery from the Mt. Mee roadBronwen drove home via the scenic, windy Mount Mee road, and we drove to her place, looked at her internet—found that her phone had no dial tone—did some mowing and gardening, and then I dropped her off at her parents’ place before I headed to Maz’s.


Maz’s cousin Kate was at Maz’s,Flooding of the Brisbane River at College’s Crossing and we all went to Nandos for dinner—but they couldn’t make hardly anything for some peculiar reason—so we went to Chez Tessa instead. I ended up staying up far too late, as usual.

Tuesday 4th January – Back to Work


Flooding of the Brisbane River at College’s Crossing

I work. Work is fairly quiet—hardly anyone is here.


I met Bronwen briefly as she collected her clothes from the clothesline on her way to climbing.

Flooding of the Brisbane River at College’s Crossing“Slippery when Wet”–Flooding of the Brisbane River at College’s Crossing


I sat at home, editing photos from Woodford.

Wednesday 5th January – No Nandos


I worked. It rained in the afternoon.


Debris in signs–Flooding of the Brisbane River at College’s CrossingI cleaned the camping equipment from Woodford, and added the ability to link “No Standing”–Flooding of the Brisbane River at College’s Crossingdirectly to a page so that it pops up a specific pop-up image in my journal.

A picnic area flooded at College’s CrossingNight

I drove through extremely heavy rain to Maz’s, via Woolworths, and Maz, Kate and I drove to Nandos—but it was closed, so we drove to Hungry Jack’s instead.

Thursday 6th January – …

Friday 7th January – Nandos!


Maz and I drove to Nandos, for the third time, and it was actually open.

Saturday 8th January – College’s Crossing

Playground equipment flooded at College’s CrossingMorning

I drove over to Bronwen’s, via the bakery, and spent the morning working on her garden—clearing the path in the backyard from its surroundings.


Bronwen and I drove out to College’s Crossing, which was largely flooded.

Flooding of the Brisbane River at College’s Crossing


I got Thai food from the place in Rosalie, and Bronwen and I ate it here.

Sunday 9th January – Nachos

Ducks & a flooded picnic area at College’s CrossingDay

I had a lazy morning, mostly sleeping, then went to Indooroopilly with Maz for an expensive nachos lunch.

The road closed due to flooding at College’s CrossingNight

I spent the evening at Maz’s and then stayed up way too late, messing about with the new version of my Amused site, and generally procrastinating.

Monday 10th January – Raining

“Temporary Park Closure. Park closed until further notice”–College’s Crossing in floodMorning

I got to work on time. It is still wet. People are saying this wet weather may continue through to winter.


I had a snooze, and then a curry tofu vegetable thing from a new noodle place in Rosalie, got some petrol, and lazed about before bed again.