Monday 2nd November – Last Day of Work


I drove into work, dropping Bronwen off on the way. I was tired, as I’d foolishly stayed up until after two o’clock last night. I got to work to find that people had been up for several hours already, assigning jobs to me. However, just after starting on one of the jobs, I was told that the project I was working on had been effectively cancelled. Apparently a meeting had been called last thing on Friday for 9 AM this morning, and in that meeting they’d been told that the project had hit a legal snag, and that was that.

I walked back to my car and drove home. Unfortunately I’d paid for all day parking, and it was incredibly hot outside.


I drove to the airport to pick up Maz and Shane on their way back from Melbourne, then Bronwen at her work, and drove out to Maz’s place. We had chips for dinner. I stayed up late sorting through photos and making journal articles for all the Brisbane Zombie Walks I have been to.

Tuesday 3rd November – Taking Amanda to Hospital


After staying up very, very late last night sorting through photos from previous Brisbane Zombie Walks (I think it was after four o’clock when I got to bed) I got a call shortly after seven this morning from Amanda, to tell me her hospital appointment (she had a horse roll on her leg and injure her) had been made for today.

After a bit of a snooze, I woke up enough to drive and drove out to Amanda’s, and took her to her appointment at the Royal Brisbane Hospital. I watched the Melbourne Cup, things took a long time as they always do, and by the time we’d had Mexican for lunch and I’d dropped her home again it was late evening.


I drove from Amanda’s to Kangaroo Point Cliffs to get Bronwen, and then to West End to meet Maz, and then walked to Beach Burrito for tacos. Unsurprisingly, they didn’t have any hard taco shells, so we weren’t able to get any. Maz and I wrote letters of complaint to their head office, as this seems to be either an ongoing incompetence problem or a hook and bait marketing technique, which combined with their usual inability to actually make a simple order correctly (or actually at all—we’ve been there and simply never had our order turn up), I really couldn’t recommend anyone ever go there.

Wednesday 4th November – Maz is moving to America


I spent the day at home, melting. It was very hot. I found out that Maz is likely to move to America, which is exciting for him, but sad for me.


Bronwen and I drove over to Maz’s, and had pizza for dinner.

Thursday 5th November – Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November


I had a quiet day at home.


I drove into town to have a look at the Anonymous 5th November march, which I mostly missed due to traffic, but from what I did catch, it seemed small and irrelevant and most of the speakers sounded like they were fringe radicals (though a very varied collection). I then met Bronwen and drove to her parents’ place to set up a simple file copying backup for her Mum—or so I thought—but didn’t end up doing much there.

After not setting up backups we drove to Halim’s Indian Taj, where we met Maz and had curry for dinner. While eating it began to storm, so we went to Cold Rock and waited until the storm had eased off enough that driving was again safe, though Maz would still have got very wet on his bike.

Anonymous 5th November March

We are anonymousThe small group gathered for the speaches after the marchReal eyes realize real liesUnknown gang signs, possibly signifying that I am to be killedPeople listening to the speakers after the marchAn “anonymous” maskThis is what people think of when they hear about “Anonymous”The only people at the march who actually looked scaryPolice waiting for trouble

Friday 6th November – Looking for Lightning


I got a call to say the work I’d been expecting on Monday had been delayed, which means I’ll have to go look for work now I suppose. It’s inhumane!


Bronwen and I had a simple dinner of baked beans, garlic bread and pasta salad. I drove up Mount Gravatt to look for lightning, but the storm passed by and I didn’t get any photos. It didn’t even rain.

While I was out chasing storms Maz built what might be a lightning trigger, so perhaps next storm we’ll get some good photos.

Attempts at taking Lighting Photos

My makeshift camera waterproofing deviceThe sky was quite scary and stormyThe only lightning photo I managed to take