Monday 21st September – Shopping

Coronavirus Lockdown Day 183

1,153 cases: 1 new (overseas arrival in hotel quarantine), 17 active.


I spent the day at home, going grocery shopping in the evening.

Frozen Half Mars Bars

I have bought quite a lot of “limited edition” Caramel Sundae 89¢ Mars Bars, but as we all know, whole Mars Bars are too big, so I cut mine in half, and froze them. That way they’re delicious little frozen snacks.

Frozen Limited Edition Half Mars Bars

Tuesday 22nd September – Walking

Coronavirus Lockdown Day 184

1,153 cases: 0 new, 16 active. 12 days since coronavirus in the community in QLD.


I spent the day at home.

Mt Gravatt

Bronwen and I went for a walk up Mt Gravatt in the evening.

Wednesday 23rd September – Home

Coronavirus Lockdown Day 185

1,153 cases: 0 new, 5 active.


I spent the day at home.

Thursday 24th September – Chempro’s Incompetence

Coronavirus Lockdown Day 186

1,153 cases: 0 new, 5 active.

Chempro’s Incompetence

Bronwen and I spent a quiet day at home, popping down to the shops to buy some groceries at lunch and some petrol for the car. I tried to buy some cheap antihistamines from Chempro—they were advertised on their website, but when I went into our local Chempro chemist they had no idea what I was talking about—instead they tried to convince me that their own different-brand equivalent (which was multiple times the price) was the same, so there was no reason I shouldn’t just buy that instead—they seemed unable to understand what I thought was a fairly obvious concept—that I wanted to buy the specific product that was listed on their own website because it was currently on special and hence multiple times cheaper. This is the second time this particular Chempro has had such poor customer service that I’ve left, vowing never to return. This time, because this did seem like a good price, I drove to another nearby Chempro—who at least understood what I was trying to do, but said they didn’t have the product. They did, however, say I could “click & collect” it—have it delivered to their store for free, and pick it up there. I went home and tried to do this, but the “click & collect” option on the Chempro site only listed one “store” in all of Queensland—the suspiciously-named “online warehouse”, that wasn’t close to here, and which looked like it probably was not designed to have people turn up and collect things. I even emailed them, and was told that they don’t do “click & collect”—despite it being an option on their website. It’s a bit of a shame, because evil monopolies like Chemist Warehouse are killing people like this, but Chempro have done an absolutely terrible job of competing.

Mt Gravatt

Bronwen and I went for a walk up Mt Gravatt after dark.

Friday 25th September – Garden City

Coronavirus Lockdown Day 187

1,153 cases: 9 new, 5 active. The ACT is no longer considered a hotspot, so they can fly to Queensland without quarantining. Restrictions ease in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan City, Scenic Rim, Somerset, Lockyer Valley, Moreton Bay, and Redlands. Gatherings of up to 30 people are now allowed in people’s homes and outdoors.

Garden City

Bronwen and I spent most of the day at home, rushing to Garden City just before six in an attempt to get to both BIGW and Target before they closed in order to buy some emergency camping gear. We managed to get to BIGW, but didn’t have time to get to Target. Kmart, on the other hand, is open until nine, so we had plenty of time there. We’d planned to go on our first overnight bushwalk in quite a while tomorrow with Carissa—climbing Mt Maroon—and had wanted to see if we could buy a few things (mostly, sleeping mats) from Garden City beforehand. I did manage to buy some cheap shirts and shorts however.

Dominos Pizza

We used the last of our four free pizza codes to get a pizza for dinner. There was a sudden unexpected thunderstorm.